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Fedex Golf Club Shipping

Golf More & Pay Less with Ship Sticks

Ship Sticks’ partnership with FedEx provides you wholesale savings when shipping your clubs

Ship Sticks has strategically partnered with the top logistics providers in the world, to offer unmatched convenience and reliability. Seamless technology integration with FedEx and DHL allow you to place your order and print your label in minutes. But why would you ship through a third party versus going directly to FedEx? Read More

Those partnerships and the pure volume of business we do with FedEx gives us access to rates that individuals cannot access. So we take that savings and pass it on to you sometimes saving our customers 30-60% off regular shipping rates. But there's more than just that. Ship Sticks is a company founded by golfers for golfers. We know first-hand the hassles of traveling with your clubs and all the challenges that come with shipping them beyond any other type of luggage. So we have a dedicated customer support team available for any questions you might have at any time. From pickup to delivery, our team will monitor your shipment closely and communicate tracking updates as needed.

We also know your clubs aren't just time sensitive, they're also highly valued. We understand the importance of protecting your golf clubs while in transit. That's why we've included $1,000 of complimentary insurance on every shipment. Need additional insurance? No Problem! We can insure your shipment up to $3,500 for a nominal cost.

See for Yourself the Difference

Online Booking
Ship Sticks online booking

FedEx and Ship Sticks both offer online booking to its users. Ship Sticks requires more details from you than FedEx to ensure your order is delivered by the guaranteed delivery date.

All Inclusive rates
Shipping rates are all included

There are no hidden fees with Ship Sticks. FedEx offers multiple shipping types and options that require additional payment such as a pickup charge and delivery window options. A pickup is automatically scheduled for your items on Ship Sticks.

Premium Customer Support
Top-Notch customer service

The team at Ship Sticks is available 7 days a week by phone, email, and chat. FedEx support is not available on Sunday and has limited hours on Saturday.

Real-time tracking
Ship Sticks real-time tracking system

You can track your shipment directly from each website. Ship Sticks has built technology that allows us to know when an order is not tracking as expected. Should your items foresee an unexpected delay, Ship Sticks contacts you directly. FedEx does not contact you directly and unless you're tracking your item directly, you may not ever be alerted of a delay.

Complimentary Insurance
Coverage options you can count on

Ship Sticks provides complementary insurance for every shipment and additional insurance can be purchased as needed. FedEx offers $100 of insurance which does not cover the cost of a single club. So additional insurance will need to be purchased with FedEx.

Customs Preparation
Seamless international travel

Ship Sticks generates a customs form for all international orders and provides you with step by step instructions. Ship Sticks will contact you if additional information is needed or to inform you of any irregular customs regulations. FedEx offers a similar process but leaves it up to the customer to figure the details out.

Destination Relationships
Ship Sticks hotel & resort relationships

Ship Sticks is proudly partnered with thousands of resorts across the globe. These relationships play a vital role in the seamless hassle-free process that Ship Sticks users experience when shipping with us. While FedEx is contracted by millions of businesses and is our direct carrier, we work directly with our partners to increase the number of rounds played every year.

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What makes Ship Sticks different?

Global Network of Partner Resorts

We've partnered with thousands of courses to provide a similarly large number of destinations that our Ship Sticks customers have access to. For almost anywhere you want to travel, Ship Sticks customers can enjoy a stress-free journey to the resorts without a burden of carrying their clubs from the airport.

Cost-Effective Alternative

Because of our partnerships, we’re able to offer a substantial discount to our Ship Sticks customers. The cost of using Ship Skis is often comparable with or even less expensive than checking your clubs with an airline.

Reliability Backed By Our Guarantee

All of our Ship Sticks customers enjoy the same great insurance coverage, so you don't have to worry about your shipment getting lost or damaged. With our on-time guarantee, you can start playing as soon as you arrive at the course. You can check the status of your shipment anytime, anywhere.

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How It Works

At Ship Sticks, we make getting your golf clubs to and from your destination easier than it’s ever been – allowing you to enjoy a hassle-free travel experience to anywhere in the world.

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4. Enjoy

Finally, enjoy your on-time golf bag arrival

Customer Service

As a company of golfers, for golfers, we have experienced the hassles of traveling with your clubs and understand how important your clubs are to you. Our team is available 7 days a week ready to help answer any questions or concerns you may have.

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