Ship Sticks Honored by National Golf Foundation’s NGF GOLF 100 – the Inaugural List of the Top 100 Businesses in Golf

NGF Recognizes and Celebrates the Leading Companies in the Golf Industry


Jupiter, FL – January 16, 2018 – The National Golf Foundation (NGF), the only trade organization that works with every sector within the golf industry, today released its inaugural list of the Top 100 Businesses in Golf.

This biennial list recognizes the successful companies, organizations and associations that are of fundamental importance to both consumers and facilities involved in the game of golf. With eight different industry segments represented, the U.S.-centric NGF GOLF 100 offers comprehensive insight across all sectors including apparel and equipment companies, turf equipment and supply companies, course builders and management companies, as well as industry associations, media, retail and technology.

“The NGF GOLF 100 is intended to highlight the depth and vitality within the sport,” said Joe Beditz, President and CEO of NGF.  “The diverse list of companies and organizations contains not only the well-known brands that golfers see on TV, but celebrates a host of other innovators and influencers throughout various business segments that contribute to golf’s almost $70 billion impact on the economy.”

Eight distinct weighted criteria were taken into consideration when assessing individual companies and organizations for the NGF GOLF 100. Financial success was a key component based on an evaluation of annual revenue, overall growth rate and trajectory. Additionally, companies were assessed on their influence throughout the golf industry, their innovations, their prominence and leadership both within the sport and their category, and their contribution to the growth and vitality of the game.

The NGF GOLF 100 is not a ranking, instead a grouping selected companies and organizations by sector. Created to give an overview of golf’s commercial breadth in the U.S., the list recognizes the broad array of businesses important to the game.

“We are honored to be among the Top 100 Businesses in Golf,” said Nick Coleman, CEO & Founder of Ship Sticks. “We strive every day to simplify the travel experience for golfers around the globe. Because we are golfers ourselves, our passion for our brand is reflected in our mission to provide superior customer service. This award further validates that we have gained the trust across the golf industry.”

The NGF GOLF 100 evolved from the NGF’s expertise in research that includes market intelligence in the areas of golf participation, consumer behavior, course operations, facility development, travel, retail and consumer confidence. In addition, the NGF has its finger on the pulse of the golf industry through its consulting practice and continuous examination of golf supply, demand and trends that impact the golf businesses.

“As an organization that works closely with companies throughout the golf business, we have a unique perspective on category leadership and innovation,” said NGF Chief Business Officer Greg Nathan. “Consulting and driving business success is part of our DNA. This is our way to recognize those who enhance golf courses and the experience for golfers.”

The NGF GOLF 100 is available today at The Q (, the organization’s new communications platform focused on the business of golf.

The National Golf Foundation in 2019 plans to release an International list of the top businesses in golf that are based or do a majority of their business outside the U.S.

About the National Golf Foundation

The National Golf Foundation, founded 1936, is driven by its mission to foster the growth and vitality of the game and business of golf. The NGF holds a unique position as the most trusted and preeminent provider of market research, marketing databases, business insights and programs that support every segment of the industry. For more information, please visit

About Ship Sticks

Ship Sticks provides a door-to-door shipping solution for the traveling golfer who desires a hassle-free traveling experience. As the most reliable and cost-effective shipping service available, Ship Sticks has partnered with the world’s finest Golf Resorts, Country Clubs and Hotels to allow for an effortless shipping experience. Shipping golf clubs and luggage with Ship Sticks allows you to save time and money at the airport by avoiding the long check-in lines, crowded baggage terminals, and expensive baggage fees. Whether your clubs are being picked up from your home or office, Ship Sticks guarantees an on-time delivery to wherever you’re staying or playing. For more information, please visit

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Bend is Booming – 3 Places You Can Tee It Up.

When you think of destination golf you typically think Scottsdale, Palm Springs, Myrtle Beach, and Orlando.  There’s another destination city, however, looking to join in the mix and it might not be where you think it is. Bend is booming and trust me, you’ll want to be apart of it!

While Bandon Dunes has captured the eyes and hearts of many, it’s the high Desert and not the Dunes that’s putting the city of Bend, OR on the golf map.  Believe it or not, Bend is one of the fastest growing cities in the entire country.  If your the “outdoorsy type” that likes to mix in some great golf with some fun activities such as whitewater rafting, fly fishing, kayaking, and even skiing, then you may want to consider adding Bend, OR to your bucket list.

The Golf Scene

Centrally located in Bend, there’s Sunriver Resort. Here you’ll find just about any and every activity under the sun. Nestled in the foothills of the Cascade Mountains you’ll find 3 championship caliber golf courses, along with a 9-hole family-friendly course.  If you’re looking to pair golf with the great outdoors (cue up John Candy and the Old 96’er here), then this is definitely the spot for you!

About 30 minutes up the road, you’ll find Brasada Ranch.  Over the past 3 years, Brasada Ranch has been picking up awards like gimme putts staking its claim as the “Best Resort in Pacific Northwest” by Conde’ Nast Traveler.  Like Sunriver, Brasada offers activities galore both on and off the course.  On the course though, it’s Brasada Canyons, which features the Cascade Mountains as the backdrop while you climb up to 4,000 feet above sea level to some amazing views.

If you really want to zone in on the golf then it might not get any better than Pronghorn Resort, which features 2 eye-catching courses.  They’ve even built a brand new lodge for those looking for a little “stay and play” action.  The golf is good, real good.  In 2017, the Jack Nicklaus Signature course landed at number 38 on Golf Magazines Top 100 “places you can play”.  If you’re staying at Pronghorn you will want to consider adding Tetherow to the itinerary as well, located just down the road. 

Bend, OR is not only a family-friendly destination but a buddies destination, particularly for those looking to mix golf with a little bit of fun and relaxation!

Get a quote for shipping your Sticks to Bend, OR here.  

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Shipping Service – 3 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Be Afraid.

These days, you should be doing everything and anything to take care of your members and guests. Why? Because if you’re not doing it someone else will.  So why aren’t you offering a shipping service to your clientele? After all, don’t they deserve the best options!

Rental FOMO (Fear of missing out on club rental revenue)

Are you a resort and have Rental FOMO? Our service caters to golfer’s who are passionate about using their OWN equipment, not someone else’s. Our customers would rather drag their gear onto the plane if it meant not dealing with a set of loaner’s not fit for them. If anything, Ship Sticks should make a nice complement to your rental program. We’ve even figured out ways to help you drive revenue, completely wiping out the fears of Rental FOMO.

Afraid the service will be too much of a hassle?

Aside from physically attaching the label to the travel bag or box for your member or guest, our team literally can take care of the rest! This includes monitoring and arranging pickups, resolving any issues that may pop-up during transit, and communicate with the destination that packages are coming their way. It’s a completely free, outsourced service that you can implement right away. And you can trust us, we’ve been doing this since 2011 and have developed relationships with over 3500 facilities across the world. We will also take the time to customize our service to your needs. On top of that, we provide you with all the tools you need to succeed, including free shipping supplies.

Rather than asking yourself what’s in it for me, shouldn’t you be asking what’s in it for my member or guest!

Question the reliability of shipping?

What happens if your member or guest decides to fly with their golf clubs and they don’t make it with the airlines? They’re likely ripping their hair out on the phone for hours with the airline, getting nothing in return (besides a headache). Paying out of their own pocket for rentals it is!

With Ship Sticks, we will track your equipment in real-time from the moment they are picked up until the moment they deliver. We know exactly where your bags are and when they need to arrive. We even have the capability of expediting service when an unforeseen situation arises. And if we can’t get your equipment to you before you hit the first tee, we’ll cover the costs of rentals and other items you need for the day.

For the longest time, shipping was too expensive of an option for most. Thanks to millions of traveling golfers across the world we’ve been able to change that and offer the most aggressive rates the industry has to offer. And if all of this wasn’t enough, shipping with Ship Sticks has an on-time success rate around 95%, better than the airlines. Don’t be afraid, embrace shipping services – your members and guests will thank you for it!

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New Year’s Resolutions That Will Improve Your Golf Game

As the New Year is in full swing, we take this time to reflect back on all of the decisions and memories we made in 2017. The New Year is a time to set personal goals for yourself both mentally and psychically. Whether you’re an avid golfer or play the sport as a hobby, there is always room for improvement while out on the course.

Below, we have swung up some resolutions that can help improve your golf game.

Stay in Shape

A little extra baggage isn’t always a bad thing. However, by losing some you can drastically change your posture, in turn improving your swing. Not only will your posture improve, you will start to feel better. Start walking the course instead of taking a cart.  A little sweat will pay off in the long run.

There are also exercises you can take part in to stay in shape. Golfers of all fitness levels can partake in them as they don’t require any sort of special equipment. Start turning these into your daily routine. Trust me, you will see results before you know it.

Getting Organized


Now is the perfect time to get organized. Yes, it may be difficult to break that old habit of forgetting items before heading out to the course. This is why sticky notes are your best friend. Anytime you think of something, major or minor, write it down. This will help you gain more focus in your everyday tasks, especially while you are out on the course.

Make this the year to travel hassle-free. Don’t be that guy lugging your clubs through the crowded airport. Take the time to book your golf bag shipment in advance with Ship Sticks. To ensure the process goes smoothly, have your bag ready to ship on the day you select. Remember, staying organized throughout the year, is an essential part of improving your game. Now grab your sticky notes and get to writing.

Enjoy Life to The Fullest

Start living in the moment. It is easy to reflect back on a game where you didn’t shoot your best. Don’t let this get to you. Make this an opportunity to enjoy being out on the course. Soak up every moment of your horrible swing and score. You can only move forward from here.

Start thinking more about life’s greatest pleasures, which is of course golf. You’re probably wondering, how in the world do you do this? It is simple. The answer is Ship Sticks. They save you time, so you can spend more precious moments on the course with your buddies. Live in the now and savor every chance you can get this year to play golf.

Mark A Course Off Your Bucket List

Every golfer has that one course that they are dying to play. Make it a goal this year to plan a trip with your buddies to play it. Call them up and start planning. Not sure where to begin? We can happily assist you as we have gathered up some ways for you to ensure your trip is a success.

Make your trip happen sooner rather than later. We know you are itching to tee off somewhere. Is it Ireland, Canada or right here in the United States? Wherever your bucket list course is, we can help get your clubs there.

Start Planning

Now, start planning your next trip, call up your buddies and get to booking. Ship Sticks is ready to simplify your travel experience this year. We want you to make memories! Make it happen. Make it simple. Make it Ship Sicks.


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Golf Bag Delivery | Hottest Golf Trends You’ll See in 2018

Are you already scheduling a golf bag delivery with us for your big 2018 trip? We hope you’re headed to Eastern Europe! With the new year right around the corner, this year’s trends will showcase a little bit of old and something new. So, here’s what you should know about the hottest golf trends of 2018 when planning your next trip:

All Things Tiger

The GOAT is back. Tiger has always and will always be at the forefront of golf – no matter where his game is at. But, Tiger admitted late this year that he’s swinging with no back pain once again. So, we can once again drool over those PGA Tour Facebook videos of seemingly impossible hits that only Tiger can handle.

Eastern European Destinations

You’ll still be traveling across the pond for some amazing golf in 2018. But, hop, skip, and jump away from your favorites in Ireland and Scotland, and instead book your travel for places more East like Costa Navarino in Greece or Ypsilon Golf Resort Liberec in the Czech Republic.

what is the best golf bag delivery service

Night Golf

Glow-in-the-dark golf became cool a couple years ago but was more geared toward kids in a putt-putt setting. In 2018, don’t be afraid to invite the guys out for a game at dusk. With an array of glow-in-the-dark golf balls and accessories, it can be a super fun alternative to your mid-morning round.

Sport-Centric Clothing

Golf is a sport, yes. But, the apparel has always been more reflective of “yacht club casual”. The traditional straight leg pants or pleated skirts, and polos are going to slowly but surely move out. With golf becoming more accessible and mainstream, sporty looks like Jason Day’s Air Jordan 1s and Michelle Wie’s athletic racerback tank tops are going to be more popular (even with the new dress code rules for tour players).

Are you interested in golf bag delivery?

Golf bag delivery can make your next trip a total breeze. That’s because, with Ship Sticks, all you need to do is schedule your shipment and pack up your bags. You soon will be on your way to your next bucket list trip. So, schedule your next shipment today!

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Shipping Golf Clubs | How Much Does It Cost to Ship Golf Clubs?

It happens. You’re getting ready to check your bag for your flight and they notify you that it weighs too much and you’re going to need to pay a hefty fee. So, you opt to wear three shirts and swap your light sneakers out for those heavier dress shoes. It gets even trickier when it comes to shipping golf clubs. Ship Sticks’ goal is to make golf travel simple. But how much does it cost?

In general, pricing of shipping your clubs depends on a variety of factors. Luckily, Ship Sticks has a modest base rate of $39.99 for certain ground shipments. However, you could be losing a fairway load of money by lugging your golf bags through an airline carrier instead. Take a look at how the figures add up.

4 Factors that Contribute to Golf Club Travel Costs

is shipping golf clubs worth the price

Bag Size

A golf bag equipped with clubs, balls, and accessories averages around 20 lbs or so. However, if you typically play with a cart bag instead of a carry bag, you may be looking at a bag that is upwards of 35 lbs. While your bag may fall within the 50-lb. weight limit of most airlines, many carriers count this as one of your checked bags. That means extra bag fees are still in order. With Ship Sticks, we offer size ranges allowing you to choose your bag size according to the weight of the bag.

Hidden Airline Fees

With fees being the same as checked bags for most airlines, you may not run into an issue here. But every so often you’ll run into a random snag. For example, American Airlines treats your golf bag like just another checked bag when flying most places, with the exception of traveling to Brazil. You can expect to be charged around $42.50 if you are traveling to, through or from Brazil. Some airlines have these types of stipulations embedded in their baggage guidelines. With Ship Sticks, there are no hidden fees. Want insurance? Ship with us and we’ll provide you with $1,000 complimentary, allowing you to purchase up to $3,500.

Switching Airlines

Airlines, like JetBlue, demonstrate that you can face added fees if your travels include switching airlines during your journey to your final destination. Even though they present you with affordable baggage options, they may not apply due to Department of Transportation (DOT) regulations. There is no switching with Ship Sticks. We provide real-time tracking from pick-up to delivery of your clubs, providing peace of mind that your clubs are in good hands throughout the entire shipment process.

Hard-Sided Traveling Case

Airlines require a traveling case for your golf bag. While most don’t care if your golf bag container is hard or soft, all airlines state is that they won’t be liable for any damage done to your clubs in a soft-sided travel bag. That means paying over $100 for a hard-sided case to protect your clubs. With Ship Sticks, you can forget shipping in your travel case by choosing to ship your clubs directly in a box. Just be sure to safely pack them up!

Want more information on shipping golf clubs?

We want to make your golf travel as seamless as possible! You can schedule shipping golf clubs at any time with Ship Sticks. So, read up on our services and schedule your next shipment today!

Also, be sure to follow Ship Sticks on FacebookInstagram, and Twitter for tips, behind-the-scenes action, golf inspiration, and giveaways like this one! (Here’s your hint: the jar in the photo is ten inches tall and six inches wide. It contains standard tees and 3 standard-size ornaments. Good luck!)

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Ship Your Golf Clubs | 4 Products that Complement Ship Sticks’ Service

If you’ve chosen to ship your golf clubs to your next destination of play, you’ve already begun an amazing trip! Now, you just have to properly pack them up for safe shipping. Because, while Ship Sticks’ services are super reliable, a little bit of jostling during transit is unavoidable. So, consider prepping with these items next time you schedule a shipment:

Shoe Bag

If it isn’t obvious, a golf bag is a necessity, but what about for your shoes? Your shoe spikes should be kept in prime condition to secure your feet when swinging. So, if you’re about to head out on your next golfing adventure, it may be time to invest in a nice golf shoe bag that can ship alongside the rest of your equipment!

Club Protectors

Where your clubhead meets the shaft is the most gentle part of the club. This means you should pay extra attention to this area when packing up your shipment. Club protectors slip right over your club head to ensure for additional padding.

should you ship your golf clubs to your destination

Tee Time & Cart Reservation

Before you head off on your next golf adventure and schedule your bag shipment, make sure you follow through. Book your tee time and reserve your cart so that everything is set by the time you show up to the clubhouse! It never hurts to arrive early for your tee time either, as you can always use a few practice hits to warm up your swing.

Shipping Insurance

Your clubs are a great investment. So, treat them as such by adding up to $3,500 worth of insurance on a single bag during a shipment. While we care for your equipment as though it’s our own, we like to maintain a “better safe than sorry” mindset!

Are you looking to ship your golf clubs?

Opting to ship your golf clubs with Ship Sticks can save you time and money! So, avoid exorbitant airline fees and use our reliable transportation services. Schedule your next shipment today!

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Ship Golf Clubs | The Ultimate 2017 Gift Guide for Golfers

Golf requires a lot of accouterments. It’s why a golfer’s bag has so many pockets. So, chances are, the golfer in your life could benefit from a few things. Add to the collection with these great gifts for golfers of all levels:

Divot Tool

This is something that golfers never think about until they need it. Save them the struggle of having to bust out a tee to try and even out a divot. This is a small tool that they’ll be thankful for every time they need it.


Some of the best golf happens in places with tricky weather. High winds can whip up when you’re on an open course. So, protect them against the elements with a fashion-forward, waterproof windbreaker.

Scorecard Holder

They’ll show who the king or queen of the course is a sporty scorecard holder. This can help to keep their card intact, making it easier to find.

should i ship golf clubs this holiday season

Toiletry Bag

If your golfer hits the clubhouse for lunch and drinks after a round, they may want to freshen up. A toiletry bag is compact and allows them to keep everything in a designated area, making it easier for them to find a breath mint or cologne rather than digging around in their bag for it.

Chipping Net

If your favorite golfer doesn’t always have the time to hit the range, a chipping net can allow them to practice their short game in the comfort of his or her backyard.


Having an ill-fitting club can really make the difference when it comes to your golf game. Give the gift of a set of personalized clubs for the special golfer in your life. This isn’t just a single gift, but a well-worth investment in their future.

Do you need to ship golf clubs?

Ship golf clubs and never have the hassle of jam-packed road trips and expensive airline fees again! You can feel confident knowing that Ship Sticks will get your clubs to your golfing destination in pristine condition and on-time. Why Wait? Start shipping today!

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Shipping Golf Clubs | Why You Should Play 9 This Weekend

Maybe you don’t have the time. Or, you’re going a little stir crazy after some bad weather. The golf course is a refuge for many. Teeming with fun challenges on every hole, nine is the lucky number when it comes to getting lay of the land without the commitment of 18 holes. Here’s why you should play nine this weekend and whenever you get the chance:

Refresh Your Mind

As the sun rises or sets, a quick round of golf can get your mind in the right space. With the perfect balance open nature and competition, playing nine holes allows you the time to socialize or be with your own thoughts.

Time Considerate

It isn’t always plausible to play a solid five or six hours of golf like 18 holes require. Playing 9 is more realistic especially if you have other obligations for the day. So, if you’re jonesing for some time on the greens, opt for nine and squeeze in your fix.

should i be shipping golf clubs when i travel

Develop Your Game

Nine holes is the prime time to really develop your game. Meaning, you can take the time to practice your swing, try out a new club, or experiment with different challenged throughout the course. And, because nine holes typically costs less than a full 18, you can do so and hit up the snack cart without breaking the bank.

Get in a Workout

Did you know that you can burn upwards of 300 calories an hour playing golf? If you’re looking for a workout, ditch the cart and pick up your bag for a bit of cardio.

Why Should You Consider Shipping Golf Clubs?

Shipping golf clubs with Ship Sticks is the way to go when traveling for the game. Simply schedule your shipment, pack your gear, and we’ll do the rest! So, start shipping today.

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Golf Games | The Role Golf Plays in Presidency

It’s obvious how near and dear the sport of golf is to our current president. It’s nearly impossible to be involved in the golfing community without seeing Trump splayed across course signage and news headlines. But, The Donald isn’t the first Commander-in-Chief to take charge of his golf game.

It’s easier to list the presidents who didn’t play. (Teddy Roosevelt, Herbert Hoover, Harry Truman, and Jimmy Carter, were the only non-golfing ones, according to The Atlantic.) And when political leaders tee up, they’re just like us. They get excited over a great lie and they get business done. Golf breaks down political walls. Leaders get to talk golfer-to-golfer rather than leader-to-leader with sand traps being the most intimidating enemy out there.

But golfing while in-office is a double-edged sword. Play too much and the public thinks you have an absentee leader; play too little and you’re somewhat unrelatable. Ronald Reagan was known for counting every single stroke in a play – no gives – and Barack Obama was extremely personable. On the other hand, Eisenhower was notorious for improving his lie in order to “identify his ball.”

how many golf games does the president play in a year

However, golf continues to play a large role in the realm of decision making. In fact, it’s pretty unavoidable when the president himself owns 17 courses.

So, we’ll continue to listen with perked ears and bated breath, in the spirit of competition, of course! Because while Trump’s handicap of 2.8 may be a little tough to hit, Obama’s reported 13, George W. Bush’s and Clinton’s 10 since leaving office, and Ronald Reagan’s healthy 12 are great numbers to beat!

Do you have upcoming golf games?

If you’re traveling for upcoming golf games, Ship Sticks has you covered! Simply pack your bags, schedule your shipment, and allow us to get your equipment to your destination on time. Guaranteed. There is no need to wait, schedule your shipment now.

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