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Shipping Golf Clubs | 7 Golfers You’ll Meet on the Course

Golf has a lot of rules, yet we all tend to make up our own on the way. But, that’s what keeps it interesting for you and your crew! While the golf course is filled with a ton of eclectic personalities, there typically are seven types of golfers you’re guaranteed to meet before the final hole. What are they? Keep reading to find out!

The Cart Knieval

Off-roading and donuts are two things golf carts were not made to do. But, the Cart Knieval stops at nothing. With these golfing daredevils at the wheel, pace of play has never been faster. Especially as your life flashes before your eyes.

The Makeshift Marker

Penny? Broken tee? Anything they can get their hands on? The Makeshift Marker has what appears to be Mary Poppins’ bag that contains everything and anything except an actual ball marker.

The Mulligan Maestro

Do it again. Okay, once more. You can do better than that? No, it doesn’t matter how many strokes it actually takes. While mulligans typically consist of merely one do-over, the Mulligan Maestro is the exception to this rule and insists on getting the perfect hit at everyone else’s expense.

The Rules Official

This guy has the playbook memorized. The Rules Official is your go-to for any and all golf questions. The downside? He isn’t afraid to call you out if you break any golf rules, no matter how minuscule.

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The Putt Perfectionist

Needless to say, if you ever find yourself in a limbo tournament and not on the golf course, this guy needs to be on your team. He gets his crouching tiger on and lines up his putts to perfection. While you probably won’t catch the Putt Perfectionist making any hole-in-ones, you’ll certainly never catch him missing a putt.

The Can’t Count Calculator

Tee to fairway. Fairway to bunker. Bunker to green. Did I miss one? This guy can’t keep track, so he replays the last hole in his head for what seems to be feature film length. No wonder he’s called the Can’t Count Calculator!

The Search and Rescue

Finding a Pro V1 in the bushes is better than Christmas for the Search and Rescue. They’re not afraid to dive in and get a little dirty for the chance to pick up a lost ball. No matter where the ball goes, he’ll find it.

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are millennials using golf bag shipping for trips

Golf Bag Shipping | How Are Millennials a Golf Game-Changer?

That boy you see behind the wheel of a golf cart – no, he’s not your caddy. Rather, he’s the one you’re competing against for course records. Millennials are making golf mainstream, and a slower pace of play due to Instagram photoshoots isn’t the only evidence.

According to the National Golf Foundation’s annual study on golf participation in the United States, 36 percent of players are ages 18 to 39. And, upwards of 15 million more millennials are interested in the sport. Soon, this age range will make up for the majority of players.

But, it isn’t the physical sport that’s attracting the younger generation. It’s the lifestyle. Humor and lightheartedness have made their way into all platforms of media, making golf and players more approachable and entertaining. (Let’s not forget 2011’s Golf Boys music video.) And, social media alone has filled with short videos, photobombs, and witty captions.

can millennials use golf bag shipping services

Another added “cool factor” is that we’re not only seeing the Jordan Spieths and Ricky Fowlers hit the greens. Team sports athletes, like two-time NBA MVP Stephen Curry, and pop culture influencers, like singer Niall Horan, are showing an affinity for the sport, creating a fan base crossover.

However, conflicting reports claim that millennials are doing the exact opposite and are instead destroying the traditional game. That’s why it’s important to look past course play. Upscale, game-based driving ranges, like Top Golf, continue to pop up, trending course time downward.

Golf is evolving. And its accessibility is making it a viable option for young people to get involved and reap the benefits of a game that lasts a lifetime.

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is sending golf clubs for a trip easy

Sending Golf Clubs | How to Plan the Ultimate Golf Getaway

Rolling greens and lofty breezes – your golf getaway doesn’t need to be a figment of your imagination. From getting the crew together to making sure all of your gear travels in tip-top shape, there’s a lot that goes into bringing the ultimate golf trip to life. However, sending golf clubs and having a time you’ll never forget doesn’t have to be a pain if you consider these four aspects:

Establish a Budget

You don’t always have to dish out thousands to play a couple of great rounds! In the early stages of planning, make sure everyone in your group is on the same page financially so you can determine where you stay, how often you play, your method of travel, and so forth. It’s also important to factor in miscellaneous expenses like cart drinks, bellhop tips, clubhouse merch and more!

Location & Time of Year

Playing on the beautiful Hawaiian Islands during mid-summer sounds ideal. But, you probably don’t want to spend what may be a once-in-a-lifetime trip sweating through your polo. The same goes for if you’re looking to head across the pond (Europe can hit the single digits in the winter.) When should you go? Spring and fall are ideal when looking for a golf-friendly forecast. Just make sure that no matter when you travel, you’re prepared for whatever weather may impact your play!

how can i sending golf clubs for a trip

Game Plan

It is essential to have a game plan in mind before you head out on your next golf adventure. Be sure to take care of caddy and golf cart arrangements ahead of time.  Make sure to leave some leeway between commitments and your rounds in case pace of play is slow. This’ll ensure that you can have a memorable time without constantly worrying about the time.


Travelling with a group of golfers requires a lot of luggage. Luckily, you don’t have to get stuck toting your clubs and clothes around airports, hoping that everything shows up where it’s meant to be with minimal fees. Ship Sticks is an alternative to traditional transportation methods. All you have to do is schedule your shipment, prep your gear, and let the carrier do the rest! When you show up to your destination, your clubs and luggage will be waiting for your arrival.

Sending golf clubs no longer needs to be a pain!

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4 Buddies

Wherever your love of golf takes you, whoever it takes you with, count on Ship Sticks to take your clubs. The process of shipping has never been easier. All it takes is a couple of minutes and a few clicks on our scheduling page. Ship Sticks will ship your clubs from your home to any golf destination you desire.

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Simply The One

Are you deciding where your next golf trip may be? No worries. In our recent commercial, we feature key resorts that we partner with. There are many pleasures and challenges that set golf destinations apart. Although, the one thing they have in common is that they count on Ship Sticks to take your clubs there with care. Ship Sticks will ship your clubs from your home to your golf destination, wherever it may be. Allow yourself a few minutes on our site to grab a quote. When you’re prepared, simply book your shipment, and your clubs will be ready and waiting at the golf shop so you can be playing. Check out our newest commercial, Simply the One, and in no time you will be booking your next golf trip. Bandon Dunes, Pinehurst, Sand Valley and Sea Island Golf Resorts all offer once in a lifetime experience to their guests. Allow us to be the option of transportation as you check these resorts off your golf destination bucket list.

Always remember, we simplify the way you travel. Make it Simple. Make it Ship Sticks.

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Golf Clubs

4 Packing Tips to Protect Your Clubs

Your golf game is a worthy investment. But, when you travel with your clubs, you’re risking damage not only to the sticks but to your wallet. So, pack your bag properly to ensure your clubs stay intact during golf bag shipping:

Keep Your Club Covers On

Start packing by keeping your club covers on. Your head covers will help prevent your clubs from any potential nicks and dents that can occur during transit if left unprotected. This will offer you peace of mind knowing your clubs will arrive safe, leaving for an easy unpack upon arrival.

Bundle Your Clubs

The most delicate part of a club is right where your shaft meets the club head. When it stands alone in your travel case, your clubs become more prone to snapping at that point. However, by bundling them together,  the odds of them staying strong is greater. So, simply collect your irons and wrap them in a towel to keep them consolidated.

how can i protect my clubs when golf bag shipping

Use Extra Padding

There’s no such thing as too much padding when it comes to protecting your clubs. Use bubble wrap or extra golf clothing to provide additional padding during shipping. These items can be used to wrap your clubs securely within your bag or around your bag as it sits in the box.

Add A Stiff Arm

At the right angle and force, an unexpected impact can cause a lot of damage. A stiff arm is a travel club protector that will stick down your golf bag, act as the tallest point, and absorb unwanted impact during travel. If you don’t want to purchase a stiff arm, try using a broomstick.

Are You in Need of Convenient and Reliable Golf Bag Shipping?

Ship Sticks guarantees a reliable alternative to wherever your next golf destination may be. If you are in need of a convenient transportation method for your clubs, our services can make your travels a breeze. So, create an account and start shipping with us!

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7 Accessories Your Golf Bag Needs

After you’ve covered your clubs, stuck a spare ball in your pocket, and laced up your shoes, are you certain your golf bag has everything it needs? Sometimes the smallest accessories can make your next game the best yet. So, be sure to stow these must-haves before you call on our golf bag delivery services:

Extra Socks

There is no worse feeling than walking a course in wet socks.  To ensure this won’t happen to you, throw in an extra pair in case you need to swap them out. Staying comfortable in your footing is key for a successful round. If you’re playing in cooler weather, an extra pair can help keep you warm.

Golf Towel

There are several opportunities for you or your clubs to get wet. Whether you’re playing in rain, end up in some muddy rough, or have to deal with morning dew, a golf towel is a vital asset to wipe down clubs or your forehead on a hot day.

Golfer’s Tape

Your hands are essential to your swing. Taping your fingers provides a valuable option from painful blisters and chunky band-aids that can affect your game. So, stash some tape away in your bag for when the need arises.

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Business Cards

Whether your round is for business or pleasure, you never know who you’ll network within the clubhouse. So, keep a stack of business cards for spontaneous meetings.


Marking your ball can save a lot of time and possibly even a stroke or two. Keep a sharpie in your bag to make that signature mark. Or, use it as a scoring pencil in a time of need.

Divot Tool

Leave the course better than when you came. Ball marks happen, but instead of attempting to stomp them into place or leave them for the next group, use the proper tool to restore the grounds conditions.

Drink Cart Necessities

When the cart girl makes her rounds, make sure you’re prepared. Keep cash for tips in your wallet and a koozie in your bag. A koozie will keep your drink cool and your hands dry from the moisture of your drink of choice. If you won’t be making a purchase that round, be sure to have a snack that you don’t have to worry about leaving in your bag for a few hours.

Are You in Need of a Golf Bag Delivery Service?

Start your next golf trip on a stress-free foot by letting Ship Sticks’ golf bag delivery service handle your gear. We guarantee that your bag will be waiting for you upon arrival. So, follow our simple steps and ship now!

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When Should I Replace My Golf Grips?

While you hear coaches and the pros talking about foot placement, shoulder position, and moving like a pendulum, your clubs – especially the grips – play a huge role in your swing. Think about it: This is the only place you touch the club. From material and style to texture and size, having a comfortable grip is key to keeping your club face following the ideal path. Here’s how to determine if you need to replace your grips before you ship golf clubs off to your next play destination:

How Do They Fit?

You should know if your grips are improperly fit almost immediately. Hit the driving range and test out your different grips in a variety of scenarios. How does your interlocking grip feel during a drive? What about while chipping? If you’re unable to treat your clubs as though you’re handling a delicate bird, chances are you need to get your grips fit to your hands.

Do They Look Worn?

Wear and tear is just a part of the game. As friction happens between your hands, gloves, and grip, they will naturally wear down. However, to keep your game at its best, you should address this issue as soon as possible. Cracks and faded or bare spots are the most common signs of wear.

Should I replace my grips before I ship golf clubs

Are They Slippery?

Golf isn’t an easy game. So, wanting to throw your clubs every once in a while may be a familiar feeling. However, you don’t want your clubs slipping from your grip at the worst time possible. Your hands produce oils that can cause the breakdown of materials. So, check your grips before every season to make sure they are up to par.

Are You in Need of a Convenient and Reliable Way to Ship Golf Clubs?

Your golf clubs deserve premier treatment. If you’re planning a golf getaway, let us ship your clubs. They’ll be waiting for you at the destination of your choosing with zero inconvenience to you. So, easily ship golf clubs by scheduling a shipment with Ship Sticks today!

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8 Fantastic Golf Resorts in Portugal to Visit on Your Next Trip to Europe

8 Fantastic Golf Resorts in Portugal

Winter’s on the way, and you should be too. As the temperature continues to drop, likely golfers around the world will be making their way to guaranteed “hot” spots to enjoy the pleasant contrasting weather. Instead of competing for space in Hawaii or Australia, why not consider Portugal for your next winter getaway?

Currently home to more than 40 golf courses, Portugal is one of Europe’s most popular golfing destinations. Even better: its mild climate and agreeable weather is available year-round! Travel through a champion course or simply saunter along the Lisbon coast for a personal golf experience. Portugal’s affable climate is the perfect setting for a memorable round while keeping the winter blues away.


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Golfing Down Under: The 8 Courses You Must Play on Your Next Australian Vacation

Golfing Down Under

It’s that time of the year: the Australian Open.

As you read this, golfers from around the world are preparing to return to Australia’s legendary golf courses and resorts in anticipation of the Stonehaven Cup. The Australian Open continues to draw in impressive numbers to its robust golfing community, warm weather, and stunning attractions.

Whether you’re ready to follow the holes or play a few of your own, you’ll always have options in Australia. Some of the region’s treasured resorts have once been home to the prestigious tournament and boast a rich history and well-groomed landscaped. But, if you’d simply like to enjoy 18 rounds on the green under the warm sun, any of Australia’s 18,000 golf courses will do.


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Guide to Shipping Golf Clubs to Hawaii


With lush seaside golf courses from Maui to Kauai, Hawaii is a dream destination for golfers. However, navigating Hawaii’s eight main islands with golf bags in tow can be stressful and tiring, so many golfers are opting to ship their golf clubs to Hawaii ahead of their trip.

Whether you’re no stranger to traveling abroad for golf or you are taking a once-in-a-lifetime golf vacation to Hawaii, you might find that shipping your golf bag ahead of your arrival is the single detail that makes your entire trip more enjoyable.


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