The Masters flowers

We all love watching the Masters, soaking in the beauty of Augusta National, and marveling at the drama of Amen Corner. But, have you ever wondered how they keep Augusta National looking like a picture-perfect postcard? Or how they manage to maintain those stunning Masters flowers that seem to bloom on cue? And let’s not forget those idyllic bird sounds that add to the ambiance.

While we may never uncover all the secrets behind these mysteries, we can certainly speculate and imagine the meticulous care and attention to detail that goes into every aspect of the tournament. So, join us as we explore the untold secrets and nuances of golf’s most iconic event.

The Masters Flowers & More Behind-the-Scenes Secrets

Save Your Seat

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During tournament play, you’ll spot roped-off sections for fold-out chairs scattered across the course. Rows of green chairs, each bearing the Masters logo and the business card of its owner, are a common sight, particularly at iconic spots like Amen Corner and the finishing stretch.

What’s remarkable is the trust among patrons. Despite minimal security, once you’ve claimed your spot, it’s yours. Drop your chairs at the 18th green on Sunday at 8:30 am, and they’ll be waiting for you come 5:00, just in time for the leaders.

Expansion and Expenses

As PGA players get stronger and longer, courses have to accommodate. And, Augusta National is no exception. While the club’s renovations and land acquisitions are usually kept under wraps, public records reveal a recent flurry of activity.

Augusta National has collaborated with Augusta Country Club in the past to expand tee boxes and lengthen holes. However, their most recent acquisition involves purchasing a nearby city park for $350,000. Additionally, they’ve acquired the 15-acre National Hills Shopping Center for a staggering $26 million, along with a Wendy’s restaurant, several residential properties, a Stein Mart, and a Publix.

What Augusta chooses to do with the added acreage remains to be seen. It’s rumored it may be used to create a second golf course, expand lodging facilities, or increase parking capacity.

Frozen Flowers

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If you’ve ever found yourself baffled by the perfect azalea blooms at Augusta National, you’re not alone. The course is synonymous with its colorful of display of the pink, purple, and white flowers. In fact, there are over 30 varieties of these iconic Masters flowers, with thousands spread throughout the course.

Which begs the question, just how do they do it? The methods are a subject of much speculation and rumor. Some say the groundskeepers use ice to delay blooming if the azaleas start too early. Others suggest they employ growth-inhibiting fungicides. And for those stubborn plants that won’t bloom on time, there are whispers of heat lamps being used to coax them along.

Of course, it could also just be the result of several incredibly talented gardeners with exceptionally green thumbs. Until we have definitive proof, we can only marvel at the beauty of the Masters flowers and acknowledge that, ultimately, Mother Nature has the final say.

Birds and Broadcasts

CBS, the official broadcaster of the Masters since 1956, has a unique way of enhancing the viewer experience by reportedly adding bird sounds to the broadcast. Interestingly, despite the idyllic sounds, visitors to the course often report seeing few, if any, actual birds.

In addition to the ambient bird sounds, broadcasters and tournament officials use specific terminology to enhance the tournament’s prestige. The rough is referred to as the “second cut,” and all spectators are addressed as “patrons.” Furthermore, the broadcasts feature minimal commercial breaks, ensuring viewers enjoy four uninterrupted days of golf.

Who Lives There?

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Fans are likely most familiar with the iconic Butler Cabin, where winners are presented with the prestigious Green Jacket. However, Augusta National boasts seven other cottages scattered around the 10th hole and the par-3 course, each with its own unique history and significance.

Perhaps you caught a glimpse of these cottages when Rory McIlroy hit his tee shot awry in the final round of the 2011 Masters, kickstarting a back-nine 43 after being tied for the lead.

One of the most famous cottages is the Eisenhower Cabin, built for former President Dwight D. Eisenhower. He was a frequent visitor to the club, having reportedly visited almost 30 times. The cabin was designed in conjunction with the Secret Service to accommodate his security needs.

Today, these cottages serve as accommodations for friends and families of Augusta National members.

Food, Food, and More Food

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There’s nothing quite like munching on a pimento cheese sandwich while roaming the fairways of Augusta National. The best part? Concession prices at the Masters are the most competitive in all of sports.

The infamous, and delicious, Pimento Cheese and Egg Salad sandwiches are only $1.50 each. Pair your entree with a domestic beer for an additional $6.00. And, finish the feast with a Georgia Peach Ice Cream Sandwich for a mere $3.00. At Augusta, you’ll leave with a full belly and some extra money to spend on merchandise.

Masters Merch

Speaking of which, you can’t leave the Masters without picking up a golf shirt and hat. Or, ten more for all your buddies who couldn’t snag a ticket. What some fans may not know is that official Masters merchandise can only be bought on-site during the event; it’s not available online. So, that twenty-year-old hat that Dad gave you just might be worth hanging on to!

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