Customer Reviews

Ship Sticks makes shipping your golf clubs quick, easy, and hassle-free. But don’t take it from us. Hear what our customers have to say.

  • Thomas A.

    ShipSticks was excellent. Everything arrived on-time, as promised and for a fraction of the cost of UPS. I purchased a box from UPS for $12 and the clerk said he didn't know how they do it. I paid $60 each way. UPS said it would have been $114 each way through them. Thank you Ship Sticks!

  • John V.

    First time for me with Ship Sticks. Everything worked great. Also, you get a live person when you call and intelligent responses..

  • Jill D.

    The high level of customer service just can't be beat---I got a phone call after pick up of my clubs, a call to make sure they'd arrived at their destination, a call to be sure they were picked up again, and a call after they arrived back home safely. This is a well-organized service and the staff is friendly and appropriate. Do not hesitate to use Ship Sticks---it's way easier than hauling clubs around an airport!

  • Mattew R.

    Great Experience..Gear arrived a day early and didn't even look like it had been shipped. It was in the same condition it was when they picked it up. Checked luggage on airplanes comes out with more marks than these boxes had. Super easy to set up and they took care of everything. It was one less thing to worry about when traveling. I will use ShipSticks every time I travel with my gear.

  • Paul W.

    Two thumbs way up I will NEVER EVER drag golf clubs through an airport again. This was so easy. Fill out a form online, clubs are picked up shipped straight to golf course or hotel. Then I had the valet at the hotel give them to UPS and they arrived at my office this morning. Done. At the airport I saw people dragging suitcases and golf clubs from baggage claim to the rental car looked painful.

  • Daniel S.

    Fast efficient service and excellent communication. I had a sudden change in my travel schedule and decided to try ShipSticks to get my golf clubs there. It was very easy, cost effective and the clubs arrived on time and in good condition.

  • Mike W.

    The customer service was over-the-top outstanding. I had a delivery issue and the group (it seems the customer service people work together as a very tight unit) made huge efforts to solve the issue satisfactorily.

  • James O.

    A seamless way of shipping your golf clubs. I have found not having to Haul my clubs around in an airport is an incredible advantage. The small extra amount you have to pay to have them picked up at your home and deliver them to your resort far exceeds the additional cost. Absolutely No drama, which I would consider the highest sign of efficient service.

  • Jim D.

    What a great experience! Website instructions and chat help was excellent. My clubs arrived early both ways. Much easier than lugging them through the airport, etc.