Customer Reviews

Ship Sticks makes shipping your golf clubs quick, easy, and hassle-free. But don’t take it from us. Hear what our customers have to say.

  • Kyle Lukas

    We have used Ship Sticks for a few years now. They are the BEST! They call you personally if there are any issues. We have never had any problems. We now ship our luggage pieces and our clubs. Traveling with no luggage is heaven.

  • Mark G.

    While at a local golf show I was solicited by a competitor and tried him. The experience was horrible. I got my clubs late. In addition his web site did not work on my computer, I had to call the company. Ship Sticks was great. Easy, seamless, put my order in at 1:00, clubs were picked up by 5:00, UPS told me where they were at every step and they were delivered on time, as promised. Great service I will use again and again. Thank you.

  • Clancy B.

    Ship Sticks provides great service, after getting duped by UPS switched to ShipSticks. I shipped my sticks to Florida using UPS. They charged me $128. Everyone down there told me to check out Ship Sticks. I sent them back to Philly using Ship Sticks. Only cost $40 and they got them to me in two days. My sales rep was great and made the process real easy. Definitely have a customer for life.

  • Mattew R.

    Great Experience..Gear arrived a day early and didn't even look like it had been shipped. It was in the same condition it was when they picked it up. Checked luggage on airplanes comes out with more marks than these boxes had. Super easy to set up and they took care of everything. It was one less thing to worry about when traveling. I will use ShipSkis every time I travel with my gear.

  • Paul W.

    Two thumbs way up I will NEVER EVER drag golf clubs through an airport again. This was so easy. Fill out a form online, clubs are picked up shipped straight to golf course or hotel. Then I had the valet at the hotel give them to UPS and they arrived at my office this morning. Done. At the airport I saw people dragging suitcases and golf clubs from baggage claim to the rental car looked painful.

  • Daniel S.

    Fast efficient service and excellent communication. I had a sudden change in my travel schedule and decided to try ShipSticks to get my golf clubs there. It was very easy, cost effective and the clubs arrived on time and in good condition.

  • Conor Williams

    Easy as 1, 2, 3...Everything was so easy. Printed the shipping label, packed the clubs, dropped at UPS by the drop off date and they were confirmed arrived right on time. Doesn't get much better than that! Now I don't have to lug my sticks thru the airport or think about whether the luggage handlers put them on the right plane.

  • Alec O.

    Shipsticks is a great service! The on-line experience is clear and easy, the phone associates are poised, pleasant and knowledgeable and clubs are always where they are supposed to be. I will never drag my carry bag through airports again for any domestic golf trip. I have not yet tried Shipsticks for any international destination.

  • Todd White

    Unbelievably convenient My clubs were waiting at the resort when I arrived. It was easy to track the progress during shipping. It made traveling so much easier, by not having to drag clubs through the airport and taking up so much space in the rental car. Clubs arrived only a couple days after I got home and everything was in perfect condition. Top notch!!