Shipping golf clubs UPS vs. Fedex

Whether you’re traveling with golf buddies or you’re a snowbird heading south for the winter, you should never be forced to play golf with rentals. And as airline baggage fees continue to rise, it’s clear that shipping golf clubs is the easiest and cheapest way to get your sticks to the first tee. No matter the occasion, it’s important to ensure you’re picking the right shipper that will guarantee your golf clubs arrive safely and on-time. 

Deciding whether you’re shipping golf clubs with UPS vs. FedEx can be tricky. But, we’ve gathered all the details you need to know, including why using Ship Sticks is the best alternative.

UPS vs. FedEx: Why Ship Sticks Is Best Way to Ship Golf Clubs


Shipping golf clubs with UPS vs. FedEx is expensive. Shipping golf clubs with FedEx can cost up to $100 each way when shipping domestically. Ground service will typically take an average of 4 business days to deliver to your destination. International shipping may take even longer. For expedited or express shipping, FedEx may charge several hundred dollars depending on how far your golf clubs will be traveling. FedEx only includes $100 of complimentary insurance on its packages.


UPS is similar to FedEx in that shipping golf clubs can cost upwards of $100 each way when shipping domestically. If you’re interested in express shipping or international shipping services, be prepared to shell out additional dollars. Shipping golf clubs with UPS vs. FedEx offers the same amount of insurance, as UPS only includes $100 of complimentary insurance on its packages, hardly enough to cover one of your golf clubs.

Ship Sticks

Rather than shipping golf clubs with UPS vs. FedEx, consider using Ship Sticks, the most trusted brand in golf club shipping. Rates start as low as $44.99 each way for domestic shipping, much cheaper than shipping golf clubs with UPS vs. FedEx. The service also offers several different service levels, including regular ground and overnight shipping, to accommodate all of your travel needs. Ship Sticks operates in 180 countries across the globe and will handle all customs paperwork on your behalf, too. Each shipment of golf clubs is paired with an on-time delivery guarantee and a unique tracking ID, so you’ll be able to monitor your golf clubs every step of the way. $1,000 of complimentary insurance is also included on every bag with the option to add up to $10,000 for a nominal fee. Questions or concerns? A white-glove customer service team is available seven days a week.

Shipping Golf Clubs with UPS vs. FedEx

Shipping costs for golf clubs with any carrier will depend on the size of your package, the weight, and where you’re shipping to and from. Ship Sticks offers rates up to 60% lower than regular carrier shipping costs. And we’ve broken it down so you can see, too.

Carrier Service Level Price
UPS Ground Shipping $100.42
UPS 3 Day Select Shipping $188.92
UPS 2nd Day Air Shipping $279.18
UPS Next Day Air Shipping $384.57
FedEx Ground Shipping $108.17
FedEx 3 Day Express Saver Shipping $263.17
FedEx 2 Day Shipping $336.39
FedEx Standard Overnight Shipping $433.18
Ship Sticks Ground Shipping $74.99
Ship Sticks 3 Day Express Shipping $89.99
Ship Sticks 2nd Day Express $124.99
Ship Sticks Next Day Express $164.99

Shipping golf clubs with UPS vs. FedEx will cost you more money and more time. Ship Sticks is the cheapest way to ship your golf clubs and your luggage, too. Learn more about how the service works, get a FREE quote for your shipment or start shipping today!