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Airline Baggage Fees

Shipping Your Golf Clubs Vs Airline Baggage Fees

Ship More And Pay Less With Ship Sticks

Traveling with your clubs involves a lot of work. You have to lug them to the airport and hope the airline doesn’t damage or lose them. Many of the U.S. airlines are also raising baggage fees, making it more difficult to travel with your clubs. You can compare the airline baggage fees by taking a look at the chart below.Read More

Shipping your clubs with Ship Sticks is the most cost-effective and secure way to send them. You won’t have to worry about excess baggage fees or mishandled clubs. With Ship Sticks, you’ll be able to go completely bag-free to your destination.

AirlineAir Canada
First Bag$25
Second Bag$35
Third+ Bag$100

Air Canada counts a golf bag as one piece of normal luggage provided it weighs fewer than 50 pounds and contains 14 golf clubs, 12 balls, and 1 pair of golf shoes. This bag will still go toward your maximum allotment of checked bags, though. That said, your bag can contain more clubs and balls, but you’ll be charged applicable weight fees if it goes above the 50 pounds allowed. Your golf bag must be packed in a shell container designed for shipping. View Baggage Policy >>

AirlineAlaska Airlines
First Bag$25
Second Bag$25
Third+ Bag$75

Alaska Airlines will count your golf bag as checked luggage and is subject to their typical fee, which is just $25. That said, the airline does waive all oversize and overweight fees that would otherwise apply to larger pieces of luggage. They recommend that passengers pack their clubs to keep them from being damaged. View Baggage Policy >>

AirlineAmercian Airlines
First Bag$25
Second Bag$35
Third+ Bag$150 - $200

American Airlines allows up to 50 pounds for golf bags and charges the same fee your fare covers for the 1st or 2nd piece of luggage. Your bag can contain 14 clubs, 12 balls, and 1 pair of golf shoes without incurring any fees. Travel to, from, or through Brazil costs an additional $42.50 for your golf bag. You may be asked to open your bag before checking it to show you only have the allowed equipment within. View Baggage Policy >>

AirlineDelta Airlines
First Bag$25
Second Bag$35
Third+ Bag$150 - $200
Overweight$100 - $200

You can take your golf clubs when you fly Delta, but your bag must be contained within a hard-shell case. The airline will allow you to use a soft-sided travel bag for your clubs but only after you sign a limited release form. Delta will not be responsible for any damages that occur because of overpacking. View Baggage Policy >>

AirlineFrontier Airlines
First Bag$25 - $60
Second Bag$40 - $45
Third+ Bag$75 - $80

Frontier airlines allows one golf bag which can include your clubs and shoes. Normal checked bag charges apply as stipulated by your fare. If your bag weighs more than 50 pounds, overweight charges will apply. The airline advises that checking in a golf bag could take an extra 30 minutes. Unless you use a hard-sided case, Frontier Airlines will not be held accountable for any damage done to your clubs. View Baggage Policy >>

AirlineHawaiian Airlines
First Bag$25
Second Bag$35
Third+ Bag$50 - $100
Overweight$35 - $75
Oversized$50 - $200

Golf bags cannot be any longer than 115 inches and Hawaiian Airlines will not let you take more than 14 clubs. Only golfing equipment is allowed in your bag. You may be asked to open yours to confirm there’s nothing else inside. Oversize fees are waived, but the normal baggage fees apply as spelled out in your fare. View Baggage Policy >>

AirlineJetBlue Airways
First Bag$25
Second Bag$35
Third+ Bag$100
Overweight$100 - $200

There is no additional fee for golf clubs on JetBlue Flights. As long as your bag is within the standard weight limits, the airline also doesn’t charge more for oversized golf bags. JetBlue counts golf bags the same as checked luggage. Your bag may contain 14 clubs, 3 golf balls, and 1 pair of shoes. If you don’t use a hard-sided container for your bag, the airline won’t be held accountable for any damage done. View Baggage Policy >>

AirlineSouthwest Airlines
First Bag0
Second Bag0
Third+ Bag$75

While you can check your golf bag, Southwest Airlines requires that you keep it inside a carrying case. The bag can carry your clubs, balls, and shoes. You can only use a soft-sided case or a hooded golf bag after you sign a limited release form. In either case, if your bag weighs more than 50 pounds, you’ll be subject to overweight charges. View Baggage Policy >>

AirlineSpirit Airlines
First Bag$21 - $100
Second Bag$31 - $100
Third+ Bag+$76 - $100
Overweight+$25 - $100

Spirit Airlines will charge you the same as a standard checked bag for your golf bag, but they won’t charge you oversize fees for longer clubs. However, your bag cannot contain more than 14 clubs, 12 balls, and your golf shoes. As long as it’s attached to your golf bag, the airline allows for a pull cart. They recommend that you pack your bag inside a hard-sided carrier case. You’ll need to sign a limited liability release to travel with your clubs. View Baggage Policy >>

AirlineUnited Airlines
First Bag$25
Second Bag$35
Third+ Bag$150
Overweight+$100 - $200

United Airlines treats golf equipment as a single piece of checked luggage. One item of equipment can consist only of a single bag, one set of clubs, golf balls, and a pair of shoes. A heavy, rigid carrying case must be used to enclose your golf bag. The airline will not take responsibility for any damage done to clubs that aren’t inside a hard-sided case. View Baggage Policy >>

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Because of our partnerships and the volume of shipments we make both for our Ship Sticks and our Ship Skis customers, We're able to offer a substantial discount our customers couldn't get by shipping on their own. In addition, the cost of Ship Sticks is often comparable with or even less expensive than checking your clubs with the airline.

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All of our Ship Sticks and Ship Skis enjoy the same great insurance coverage, so you don't have to worry about your shipment getting lost or damaged. With our on-time guarantee, you can start playing as soon as you arrive at the course. You can check the status of your shipment anytime, anywhere.

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