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Shipping Golf Clubs | 7 Golfers You’ll Meet on the Course

Golf has a lot of rules, yet we all tend to make up our own on the way. But, that’s what keeps it interesting for you and your crew! While the golf course is filled with a ton of eclectic personalities, there typically are seven types of golfers you’re guaranteed to meet before the final hole. What are they? Keep reading to find out!

The Cart Knieval

Off-roading and donuts are two things golf carts were not made to do. But, the Cart Knieval stops at nothing. With these golfing daredevils at the wheel, pace of play has never been faster. Especially as your life flashes before your eyes.

The Makeshift Marker

Penny? Broken tee? Anything they can get their hands on? The Makeshift Marker has what appears to be Mary Poppins’ bag that contains everything and anything except an actual ball marker.

The Mulligan Maestro

Do it again. Okay, once more. You can do better than that? No, it doesn’t matter how many strokes it actually takes. While mulligans typically consist of merely one do-over, the Mulligan Maestro is the exception to this rule and insists on getting the perfect hit at everyone else’s expense.

The Rules Official

This guy has the playbook memorized. The Rules Official is your go-to for any and all golf questions. The downside? He isn’t afraid to call you out if you break any golf rules, no matter how minuscule.

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The Putt Perfectionist

Needless to say, if you ever find yourself in a limbo tournament and not on the golf course, this guy needs to be on your team. He gets his crouching tiger on and lines up his putts to perfection. While you probably won’t catch the Putt Perfectionist making any hole-in-ones, you’ll certainly never catch him missing a putt.

The Can’t Count Calculator

Tee to fairway. Fairway to bunker. Bunker to green. Did I miss one? This guy can’t keep track, so he replays the last hole in his head for what seems to be feature film length. No wonder he’s called the Can’t Count Calculator!

The Search and Rescue

Finding a Pro V1 in the bushes is better than Christmas for the Search and Rescue. They’re not afraid to dive in and get a little dirty for the chance to pick up a lost ball. No matter where the ball goes, he’ll find it.

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Golf Bag Shipping | How Are Millennials a Golf Game-Changer?

That boy you see behind the wheel of a golf cart – no, he’s not your caddy. Rather, he’s the one you’re competing against for course records. Millennials are making golf mainstream, and a slower pace of play due to Instagram photoshoots isn’t the only evidence.

According to the National Golf Foundation’s annual study on golf participation in the United States, 36 percent of players are ages 18 to 39. And, upwards of 15 million more millennials are interested in the sport. Soon, this age range will make up for the majority of players.

But, it isn’t the physical sport that’s attracting the younger generation. It’s the lifestyle. Humor and lightheartedness have made their way into all platforms of media, making golf and players more approachable and entertaining. (Let’s not forget 2011’s Golf Boys music video.) And, social media alone has filled with short videos, photobombs, and witty captions.

can millennials use golf bag shipping services

Another added “cool factor” is that we’re not only seeing the Jordan Spieths and Ricky Fowlers hit the greens. Team sports athletes, like two-time NBA MVP Stephen Curry, and pop culture influencers, like singer Niall Horan, are showing an affinity for the sport, creating a fan base crossover.

However, conflicting reports claim that millennials are doing the exact opposite and are instead destroying the traditional game. That’s why it’s important to look past course play. Upscale, game-based driving ranges, like Top Golf, continue to pop up, trending course time downward.

Golf is evolving. And its accessibility is making it a viable option for young people to get involved and reap the benefits of a game that lasts a lifetime.

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Sending Golf Clubs | How to Plan the Ultimate Golf Getaway

Rolling greens and lofty breezes – your golf getaway doesn’t need to be a figment of your imagination. From getting the crew together to making sure all of your gear travels in tip-top shape, there’s a lot that goes into bringing the ultimate golf trip to life. However, sending golf clubs and having a time you’ll never forget doesn’t have to be a pain if you consider these four aspects:

Establish a Budget

You don’t always have to dish out thousands to play a couple of great rounds! In the early stages of planning, make sure everyone in your group is on the same page financially so you can determine where you stay, how often you play, your method of travel, and so forth. It’s also important to factor in miscellaneous expenses like cart drinks, bellhop tips, clubhouse merch and more!

Location & Time of Year

Playing on the beautiful Hawaiian Islands during mid-summer sounds ideal. But, you probably don’t want to spend what may be a once-in-a-lifetime trip sweating through your polo. The same goes for if you’re looking to head across the pond (Europe can hit the single digits in the winter.) When should you go? Spring and fall are ideal when looking for a golf-friendly forecast. Just make sure that no matter when you travel, you’re prepared for whatever weather may impact your play!

how can i sending golf clubs for a trip

Game Plan

It is essential to have a game plan in mind before you head out on your next golf adventure. Be sure to take care of caddy and golf cart arrangements ahead of time.  Make sure to leave some leeway between commitments and your rounds in case pace of play is slow. This’ll ensure that you can have a memorable time without constantly worrying about the time.


Travelling with a group of golfers requires a lot of luggage. Luckily, you don’t have to get stuck toting your clubs and clothes around airports, hoping that everything shows up where it’s meant to be with minimal fees. Ship Sticks is an alternative to traditional transportation methods. All you have to do is schedule your shipment, prep your gear, and let the carrier do the rest! When you show up to your destination, your clubs and luggage will be waiting for your arrival.

Sending golf clubs no longer needs to be a pain!

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Golf Clubs

4 Packing Tips to Protect Your Clubs

Your golf game is a worthy investment. But, when you travel with your clubs, you’re risking damage not only to the sticks but to your wallet. So, pack your bag properly to ensure your clubs stay intact during golf bag shipping:

Keep Your Club Covers On

Start packing by keeping your club covers on. Your head covers will help prevent your clubs from any potential nicks and dents that can occur during transit if left unprotected. This will offer you peace of mind knowing your clubs will arrive safe, leaving for an easy unpack upon arrival.

Bundle Your Clubs

The most delicate part of a club is right where your shaft meets the club head. When it stands alone in your travel case, your clubs become more prone to snapping at that point. However, by bundling them together,  the odds of them staying strong is greater. So, simply collect your irons and wrap them in a towel to keep them consolidated.

how can i protect my clubs when golf bag shipping

Use Extra Padding

There’s no such thing as too much padding when it comes to protecting your clubs. Use bubble wrap or extra golf clothing to provide additional padding during shipping. These items can be used to wrap your clubs securely within your bag or around your bag as it sits in the box.

Add A Stiff Arm

At the right angle and force, an unexpected impact can cause a lot of damage. A stiff arm is a travel club protector that will stick down your golf bag, act as the tallest point, and absorb unwanted impact during travel. If you don’t want to purchase a stiff arm, try using a broomstick.

Are You in Need of Convenient and Reliable Golf Bag Shipping?

Ship Sticks guarantees a reliable alternative to wherever your next golf destination may be. If you are in need of a convenient transportation method for your clubs, our services can make your travels a breeze. So, create an account and start shipping with us!

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When Should I Replace My Golf Grips?

While you hear coaches and the pros talking about foot placement, shoulder position, and moving like a pendulum, your clubs – especially the grips – play a huge role in your swing. Think about it: This is the only place you touch the club. From material and style to texture and size, having a comfortable grip is key to keeping your club face following the ideal path. Here’s how to determine if you need to replace your grips before you ship golf clubs off to your next play destination:

How Do They Fit?

You should know if your grips are improperly fit almost immediately. Hit the driving range and test out your different grips in a variety of scenarios. How does your interlocking grip feel during a drive? What about while chipping? If you’re unable to treat your clubs as though you’re handling a delicate bird, chances are you need to get your grips fit to your hands.

Do They Look Worn?

Wear and tear is just a part of the game. As friction happens between your hands, gloves, and grip, they will naturally wear down. However, to keep your game at its best, you should address this issue as soon as possible. Cracks and faded or bare spots are the most common signs of wear.

Should I replace my grips before I ship golf clubs

Are They Slippery?

Golf isn’t an easy game. So, wanting to throw your clubs every once in a while may be a familiar feeling. However, you don’t want your clubs slipping from your grip at the worst time possible. Your hands produce oils that can cause the breakdown of materials. So, check your grips before every season to make sure they are up to par.

Are You in Need of a Convenient and Reliable Way to Ship Golf Clubs?

Your golf clubs deserve premier treatment. If you’re planning a golf getaway, let us ship your clubs. They’ll be waiting for you at the destination of your choosing with zero inconvenience to you. So, easily ship golf clubs by scheduling a shipment with Ship Sticks today!

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Golf Clubs Delivered

Practical Golf Says: Ship Sticks is “Relief for your golf travel woes”

Ship Sticks’ solution to one of the biggest hassles of traveling with your golf clubs is now considered to be the best way to ship golf clubs. Ship Sticks reviews rave about how practical golf club shipping is compared to lugging heavy bags through airports or taking up valuable cargo space in vehicles. Golfers are discovering that the Ship Sticks cost could well pay for itself in terms of convenience, safety, availability, and other shipping options.


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Golfer Hitting Balls

All About Golf Travel Bags: What You Need to Know

Golf is a sport adored by many because it is a fun way to initiate a little competition through a game that offers exercise, social interaction and reduced stress (particularly if you are playing well). The beauty of golf is that anyone and everyone can play it – from the young kid hitting balls with his dad to the senior woman trying to stay active and busy in retirement.

Anyone who is interested in golf will tell you that one of the things that make it such an appealing sport is the opportunity it presents to travel to various destinations and beautiful courses around the world. Each one you visit will give you different challenges and scenery, making every round unique and exciting. It’s also an excuse to take a vacation or treat a client to a personal, relaxed meeting.


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Ten reasons it makes more sense to ship your golf clubs rather than fly with them

Ship Sticks

Golfers can travel with their clubs all they want, like my staff and I do for a living, and it never really gets easier. I’ve schlepped my golf clubs around airports all over the world, and it’s still a pain rolling the bag from the economy parking lot, or loading and unloading them on rental-car shuttles, squeezing them onto an escalator. At most airports, you have to drop off and pick up the bag at a separate location from your regular baggage.

At the most basic level, checking a golf bag is often a little cheaper than shipping them. (Ship Sticks offers a base rate of $39 for bags under 42 pounds.) Southwest Airlines still costs nothing as long as it’s one of your first two checked bags. On other airlines, it’s $20-$100 to check bags.

But looking beyond the black-and-white math of the airlines’ $0-$100 vs. Ship Sticks’ $39 and up, there are still a lot examples where shipping your luggage makes more sense. PGA members as well as PGA Tour pros have made a habit out of using the service. Here are 10 reasons why it might make sense to give Ship Sticks a shot on your next golf vacation: (more…)

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Featured Resort: Whistling Straits

Whistling Straits, located in Sheboygan, Wisconsin, is home to one of the greatest championship courses in the United States. Owned by the Kohler Company, Whistling Straits features championship golf courses, a highly ranked golf academy and several casual and fine dining restaurants and bars. Whistling Straits offers guests a spa and five-star lodging at the American Club, the Inn on Woodlake or Sandhill, a backwoods cabin.

Straits Course

Designed by Pete Dye, the Straits Course is one of the finest golf courses in the world. In fact, the Straits hosted the 2007 U.S. Senior Open, 2004, 2010, 2015 PGA Championship and the future site of the 2020 Ryder Cup. The Straits is the recipient of several awards including Golfweek’s #4 Best Resort Courses and #22 in America’s Greatest 100 Golf Courses.

The Straits offers a links-style layout that stretches along two miles of Lake Michigan shoreline. The walking only Straits features an open design that is susceptible to high winds and rugged terrain. The course replicates the links courses found in Ireland with several elevation changes, deep pot bunkers, grass-topped dunes and eight holes along the water. The challenging layout stretches 7,790 yards from the championship tees and plays to a par 72.

The Irish at Whistling Straits

The Irish at Whistling Straits offers guests a spectacular experience and complements the Straits. The Irish is ranked #35 in GolfWeek’s Best Resort Courses and #47 in Golf Digest’s America’s 100 Greatest Public Golf Courses. The Irish is located inland and features a grassland and dunes layout. The Irish is also designed by Pete Dye and plays to a par 72 and shorter and friendlier 7,201 yards from the championship set of tees.

Whistling Straits Restaurants

There are several fine and casual dining options available at Whistling Straits. Guests must try a few of the following can’t miss dining locations: The Whistling Straits Restaurant offers a scenic view of Lake Michigan in an Irish Farmhouse setting. The Immigrant Restaurant is an AAA Four Diamond Award Winner and specializes in contemporary American cuisine with modern European influences. The Irish Pub is known for signature fish ‘n’ chips and a premium selection of beers and fine scotch.

Kohler Golf Academy

Golf Magazine ranks the Kohler Golf Academy in the top 50 best golf schools in America. The Golf Academy offers year-round instruction with an indoor facility during the winter months.

Ship Sticks

Whistling Straits is one of the most popular golf resorts in the country, and Ship Sticks will transport your clubs to and from the resort. Ship Sticks picks your clubs up at your home and transports them to Whistling Straits in time for your first round of golf. Once you are finished, Ship Sticks delivers your clubs home in time for your next round. Ship Sticks allows you to skip the hassle of transporting your clubs on the airline and lugging them to and from your hotel. Check out when you book your golf package to Whistling Straits.

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Reunion Resort

Reunion Resort

With world famous attractions such as Disney World, Sea World, and Islands of Adventure only a short drive away, Reunion Resort should be ranked among these top tourist attractions. Reunion Resort has its own 5-acre water park, with five pools, a peaceful lazy river and water slides galore.

However, the main attractions at the resort are their golf courses. Reunion Resort is the only golf resort destination that is home to three championship courses that were designed by three of golf’s greatest legends: Jack Nicklaus, Tom Watson, and Arnold Palmer. These three signature courses beautifully conform to their natural surroundings to provide a challenging, yet enjoyable experience for golfers.

Legacy Course

The Legacy Course designed by the legendary Arnold Palmer, is just as beautiful as it is challenging. The roller coaster-like terrain spans over the entire 6,916 yards of this par 72 course. The creation of a wide variety of risk/reward shots comes as a direct result from these significant changes in elevation.

Reunion Resort

Although the fairways tend to be quite wide, there are 80 bunkers and waste traps that have been strategically placed across the entire length of the championship course. Arguably the best hole on the Legacy Course, the par four 7th, is one of Palmer’s all-time best designs. The hole plays over a stunning water feature, through numerous bunkers, ending with a magnificent view of the towering resort behind the green.

Independence Course

The Independence Course was the first course to open at the Reunion Resort and was Tom Watson’s first Florida Signature Design. This links-style course is windswept and features fast, firm and wide rolling fairways. This 7,257 yard, par 72 course focuses on both strategy and power thanks to Watson’s creatively placed bunkers. The greens are fairly large and undulating which places an important emphasis on club selection.

Reunion Resort

Since the course serves as a frame to the property there is a nature preserve located on the side of each hole which provides amazing scenery and captures Florida’s natural beauty perfectly. Even though the resort is relatively close to the tourist hub of Orlando, the course offers a very rural atmosphere.

Tradition Course

Considered to be the most difficult course of the three, the Tradition Course was designed by Jack Nicklaus and his son. The parkland-style course is very smooth and flowing, and although it is very beautiful, it is also very deceptive. The course is spectacular at tempting golfers into taking risky shots in the hopes of gaining large payoffs. Unlike the other courses, the Tradition Course features small greens, narrow fairways, and has an abundance of water hazards.

The Tradition Course is the newest course at Reunion Resort and is also the largest, stretching to an impressive 7,300 yards from the championship tees. The tight fairways are lined with hundreds of oak, maple, and palm trees. With water hazards on nine of the eighteen holes, the course is as striking as it is tough. The course is hardly a walk through, but it is certainly destined to become one of Florida’s best golf courses.

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