How to achieve mental clarity before a tee-time

Nearly as important as your swing, your mental headspace walking up to the tee is one of the most influential elements of your game. Developing a pre-round routine not only warms up your body but gets your head ready for the challenges and fun that each hole may present. So, after scheduling your shipment for your clubs with Ship Sticks, try practicing these easy, mindfulness techniques.

Top Techniques to Clear your Mind Before a Round of Golf

Stretch Your Body

You don’t want to get out on the course, only to recognize a pang of discomfort in your back, knees, or torso. Getting to know your body before your tee time can help ease your mind. Do light stretches and see where you may be feeling tight. You will then be able to address these issues during your pre-round practice, adjust your swing, and head out feeling more confident than before.

Envision the Course

Golf is 100% a mental game. You should take the course into consideration before even picking up your clubs. Get a course map and see how you may be able to play each hole. This will mentally prepare you for any challenges that may lie ahead.

Embrace the Challenge

No one goes into a round wanting to play poorly. We play to be great. And, in order to be great, we need to accept that challenge is inevitable – that’s what makes it fun! So, take deep breaths, set a positive intention, lace up, and address the ball with confidence.

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