Practical Golf Says: Ship Sticks is “Relief for your golf travel woes”

Ship Sticks’ solution to one of the biggest hassles of traveling with your golf clubs is now considered to be the best way to ship golf clubs. Ship Sticks reviews rave about how practical golf club shipping is compared to lugging heavy bags through airports or taking up valuable cargo space in vehicles. Golfers are discovering that the Ship Sticks cost could well pay for itself in terms of convenience, safety, availability, and other shipping options.

Jon Sherman of Practical Golf decided to use the service after discovering there wasn’t enough room in the car for his wife, two small children, the necessary diapers, wipes, car seats, and a spot for his clubs as they traveled from New York to Florida.

“Ship Sticks was always in the back of my mind, so I decided it was time to give them a whirl. While some golfers use their service merely for the convenience, it was a necessity for me on this trip.”

Shipping your clubs from A to B is a straightforward process. As the Sherman described, he arranged his round-trip shipment in about 10 minutes.

Users can visit Ship Sticks’ website ( and receive a free quote by simply entering their zip codes. From there, you can choose to have the clubs picked up or take them to a local carrier store for pickup. Once you’ve entered the necessary address information, you can choose your insurance coverage and transit time. Ship Sticks will send you the details about pickup and drop-off arrangements once you complete the online process.

And as for the total Ship Sticks cost?

The grand total for this particular round-trip order with insurance, pickup, and guaranteed delivery was around $120.

Sherman and thousands like him choose Ship Sticks over alternative options for two main reasons: Service and Cost.

Ship Sticks was built with practical golf in mind. They use their bulk-buying power to negotiate lower shipping rates with logistics carriers to save users 40-60% off shipping costs. The service comes with $1000 of insurance and an on-time guarantee backed by a protection plan which will reimburse you for items if your shipment doesn’t arrive as scheduled.

Ship Sticks could be the end-all solution to one of the biggest headaches facing the traveling golfer. Grab a quick Ship Sticks quote here, or visit the Ship Sticks website to learn more about the best way to ship golf clubs.

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