Golf club travel insurance

As a company of avid golfers, we love our clubs just as much as you love yours. So, we understand that your sticks aren’t just another piece of equipment, but they’re of great value to you, too. We also understand that the prospect of checking baggage at the airport can be nerve-wracking. After all, the thought of leaving your precious clubs in the hands of unknown baggage handlers can evoke a sense of unease and vulnerability.

Recognizing the anxiety that comes with entrusting your golf clubs to the uncertainties of travel, we emphasize the indispensable nature of golf club travel insurance. It becomes a reassuring ally in the face of these concerns, providing a layer of protection that extends beyond the uncertainties of airport handling. With golf club travel insurance, you not only safeguard your clubs from unforeseen mishaps but also alleviate the apprehension associated with parting ways with your prized possessions.

Protect Your Gear with Golf Club Travel Insurance 

With Ship Sticks’ golf club travel insurance, protecting your clubs can be completed in just a few clicks. All golf club shipments come with $1,000 of complimentary coverage. Should you need to insure your bag for more, Ship Sticks offers up to $7,500 of value protection on domestic and international shipments for a small, nominal cost.

When selecting your preferred level of golf club travel insurance, Ship Sticks recommends selecting an option equal to your shipment’s overall value. While damage and loss are extremely uncommon, Ship Sticks hopes you’ll find comfort in knowing your clubs come with a minimum of $1,000 in golf club travel insurance, a service unmatched by any major airline or shipping competitor.

Should you wish to travel entirely bag-free on your golf trip, Ship Sticks makes it easy to ship your luggage as well. From carry-on baggage to oversized luggage, send everything you’ll need for your trip ahead of your arrival. $500 of complimentary insurance is included with all luggage shipments and, like golf clubs, you have the option to insure for up to $7,500.

Be sure to select your desired insurance amount while booking online. Or, if you’re booking over the phone, simply tell your booking agent what insurance amount you’d prefer. It’s just that easy!

In addition to golf club travel insurance, Ship Sticks also includes an on-time delivery guarantee, so your golf clubs arrive at the first tee before your tee time, every time. For even more peace of mind, each shipment is paired with a unique tracking ID. So, you’ll be able to follow the status of your sticks every step of the way.

In addition to golf club travel insurance, pay special attention to how you’re packing your golf clubs. Begin by covering clubheads with secure headcovers to prevent scratches and dings. Or, remove the club heads and stow them in a pocket of your golf bag if possible. We also recommend adding extra padding within the bag, such as golf clothing or towels to act as a buffer between the golf clubs sticking out of your bag. Consider adding a stiff arm to your bag, too, that will guard the top of your bag against impacts.

A meticulous packing approach not only protects your beloved clubs from potential damage but also contributes to a worry-free travel experience! Check out our guided video below for step-by-step packing instructions.

The importance of ensuring the safety and protection of your golf clubs during travel cannot be overstated. This is where golf club travel insurance becomes an indispensable companion on all your golf trips. With this insurance, you can travel with the confidence that your beloved clubs are shielded from unforeseen mishaps. If you’re interested in learning more about our golf club travel insurance, contact our customer support team, available seven days a week.

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