What does it take to be the winner of the 2018 Golf Digest’s Editor’s Choice Award for “Best Golf Club Shipper?” The answer is simple. Provide a service that allows golfers to conveniently travel to and from their golf destination. Since founded in 2011, Ship Sticks has stood by its mission of providing a service that has allowed traveling golfers alike the ability to spend more time out on the course and less time waiting for their oversized luggage in baggage claim.


If you’ve never actually utilized the service of Ship Sticks, it’s hard to understand the feeling of traveling hassle-free. Letting go of your golf clubs for a few days while they travel can be difficult for some, and we totally get it! With Ship Sticks, you can track your clubs from the time of pick up to delivery, so you’ll always know where your clubs are. Sending your clubs ahead is an easy and affordable alternative to lugging them through the airport.


It’s with great pride that Ship Sticks has received this award for the third consecutive year. “We are honored to be named the 2018 Golf Digest Editor’s Choice Award winner for ‘Best Golf Club Shipper’,” said CEO Nick Coleman. Coleman elaborates, “This award further validates our mission of providing a service that gets your clubs to and from their golf destination safely,  and at an affordable rate that doesn’t break the bank. You can’t find this type of service anywhere else. Because we are a company of golfers, we understand how important your clubs are and it’s our goal to make sure they are picked up and delivered on-time. To receive this award from a publication such as the highly recognized Golf Digest for the third year in a row is an even greater honor.”

More Than Golf Clubs

ShipSticks.com also specializes in shipping luggage, making it convenient for you to truly travel luggage-free. So instead of checking your luggage with the airlines or trying to cram it into a rental car, thousands of Ship Sticks customers have utilized the luggage service. This service is a smart and efficient way to travel, especially if you are in a group or with a family.

As Ship Sticks continues to grow, one thing will remain the same and that’s the ability of their partner carriers to get your clubs to wherever you are playing or staying. Being a winner of the 2018 Golf Digest Editor’s Choice Award for “Best Golf Club Shipper” is a huge accomplishment for the company. To learn more about what Ship Sticks offers, visit their How It Works page. We promise you will be satisfied!