Golf clubs lost in the airport

Losing your golf clubs on a buddies’ trip is one thing. But losing your clubs just before you’re set to represent your country in the 2023 Solheim Cup? Well, that’s a different level of airline travel disaster.

Unfortunately, this was the whirlwind Danielle Kang found herself in last week. Her clubs vanished on a Monday while in transit to Spain, leading to dozens of pleas, temporary rental clubs from Ping, and a clone set from Titleist. Finally, after some serious drama, Kang’s clubs were miraculously located and reunited with her on Wednesday.

But let’s face it, Kang’s lost clubs are just another disheartening chapter in the ongoing epic of airlines misplacing golf bags. So, here’s the million-dollar question: can’t we find a smarter way to ensure your beloved clubs safely reach their destination? The answer is a resounding ‘yes’. The answer is Ship Sticks.

Ship Sticks offers the most convenient and trustworthy solution for transporting your golf clubs and luggage. With an unbeatable on-time delivery guarantee, real-time tracking, and complimentary insurance, Ship Sticks is the ace up your sleeve when it comes to getting your clubs to the green and back home without a hitch.

The adventure begins with a seamless pick-up. Ship Sticks will collect your golf clubs and luggage from wherever you are—be it your home, office, pro shop, hotel, etc. Once in Ship Sticks’ capable hands, you can track your bags’ journey every step of the way or simply sit back and relax while you receive email updates on your bag’s whereabouts.

While your clubs cruise safely, you’ll breeze through the airport, effortlessly bypassing baggage check, baggage claim, and other common stress points. When you reach your destination, your gear will be there waiting, ready to conquer the fairways. 

According to the aviation company SITA, airlines mishandled 7.6 bags per 1,000 passengers, up from 4.35 in 2021. Who’s to say your bag isn’t next? It’s high time to ditch the risky and antiquated way of traveling with your golf bags and try Ship Sticks – the dependable and wise choice for carefree golf adventures.

Megan Williams

Meet Megan Williams, a wordsmith with a passion for golf, travel, and the epic combination of the two! Originally from Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, the Golf Capital of the World, Megan has played golf since she was a child, eventually playing competitively in college. She's since swapped her golf clubs for the keyboard and skillfully translates her on-course experiences into captivating narratives and insightful stories. When she's not crafting engaging content, you can catch her enjoying the company of her energetic golden retriever or trying new culinary delights around Tampa, Florida - her current stomping grounds. Join Megan on her literary journey as she explores golf courses and resorts worldwide, shares travel knowledge and shipping tips, covers industry news, and more - all exclusively on the Ship Sticks blog.