Top 10 New Rules of Golf You Should Know

It’s 2019 and that mean’s the new Rules of Golf are now in effect. The new rules hope to clarify ambiguous language that was part of the old rules. Before you head to the course, here’s a quick preview of some of the new Rules. A full list of rule changes can also be found here.

Repairing Damage

Golf Spike Marks

Spike marks and other damage can be repaired on the green without penalty.

Drop-Off Height

Drop Off Height

Drops can now be taken from knee length instead of shoulder height.

Staying Grounded

Water Hazard

There is no longer a penalty for grounding your club in a water hazard.

Taking Out Bunker Impediments or Your Golf Ball

Bunker Shot

Players can remove loose impediments around their ball in a bunker. They can also avoid the bunker by taking a two-stroke penalty.

Pin It

Golf Pin

It’s now the players’ option to leave the flagstick in the pin.

Looking for a Lost Ball


Golf Lost Ball

Golfers will now have 3 minutes to search for a lost ball.

Caddie Assistance

Caddie Assistance

When a player takes their stance, the caddie cannot stand behind them to help with the alignment. That now results in a penalty.

The Double-Chip

Golf Double Chip

Golfers will no longer be charged a penalty for a double chip. It will just count as one stroke.

The Putting Line

Golf Putting Line

Touching the putting line is no longer a penalty. Caddies, however, cannot stand behind or be an extension of the putting line.

Accidents On The Green

Golf Ball Mark

There isn’t a penalty if the ball or ball-marker is accidentally moved. The same rule applies to a lost ball.

These rule changes are to help with the pace of the game, as well as to modernize golf. Some rules haven’t changed, however, most notably the “play the ball as it lies” rule. This rule has remained the same to keep some of golf’s traditions.



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