The best travel insurance with golf clubs using Ship Sticks

With incredible golf courses scattered around the globe, traveling is a fundamental aspect of playing golf. Equally as implicit is the necessary evil of flying with golf clubs.

While some golfers can bear the heartbreak of using rental clubs, anyone would agree the game isn’t the same when you’re not playing your own sticks. That’s why we’re here to tell you that flying with golf clubs just got easier. Whether you’re traveling to the oceanfront courses of California or across the pond to the world’s oldest courses, our tried and tested tips are the easiest way to travel with your golf clubs.

Traveling with Golf Clubs Just Got Easier 

Invest in a Travel Bag

The only thing worse than flying with golf clubs and dragging them through the airport is to exert all of that effort only to find broken shafts in your bag. A soft travel bag or hard case is undoubtedly an investment, but it’s sure to be worth every penny when all of your sticks arrive in one piece. 

Pack Your Clubs Properly

Flying with golf clubs can be tough on your gear. So, after you’ve secured your soft travel bag or hard case, consider using bubble wrap or extra golf towels to take up any extra space in your bag. It’s also best practice to remove any clubheads, if applicable, and tuck the club heads in a pocket of your golf bag to avoid any snapping in transit. 

Another great protective addition when flying with golf clubs is to utilize a stiff arm. A stiff arm can sit in your bag just like any other golf club. But, it will be the tallest point in your bag and will take the brunt of any force to your golf bag.

Check With Your Airline

Be sure to check with your intended airline before flying with golf clubs. Some airlines charge overweight or oversized baggage fees that vary by airline. Some airlines also have restrictions on the weight and dimensions of your bag. It’s best to know this information ahead of time to avoid any surprises at the airport.

Ship Your Golf Clubs

The easiest way to master flying with golf clubs is to not do it. But, that doesn’t mean leaving your golf clubs at home. With Ship Sticks, you can send your golf clubs directly to the first tee and completely avoid flying with your golf clubs. Ship Sticks will pick up your golf clubs from your home, business, pro shop, or hotel, and deliver them to 180 countries across the globe. All shipments come with complimentary insurance, real-time tracking, and an on-time delivery guarantee.

If you’re ready to leave flying with golf clubs behind, learn more about shipping your golf clubs and luggage today! Or, get a free quote to start shipping on your next golf getaway.