How to arrange golf clubs in a cart or stand bag using Ship Sticks.

Learning how to arrange golf clubs in your bag is typically not taught when picking up the game. But, novice golfers and experienced players alike can benefit from knowing how to arrange golf clubs in a bag properly. The best part? It’s super easy. 

While the steps we’re providing may be the most organized method of learning how to arrange golf clubs in a cart or stand bag, don’t be afraid to play around with it to determine what works best for you.

Arranging Golf Clubs in Your Bag in 7 Easy Steps

1. Empty your golf bag

The first step in learning how to arrange your golf clubs in a cart bag is taking everything out to see what you’re working with. Line up your golf clubs on the wall or floor in descending order, starting with your driver and ending with your putter.

2. Go through your items

Get rid of towels you never use, the dead batteries from your rangefinder, and anything else that’s taking up space in your golf bag.

3. Clean your golf clubs

 This step is optional, but it certainly wouldn’t hurt to scrub your grips and club faces while you have them all out of your bag.

4. Start with the longest clubs

If you have a stand bag, arrange your woods and driver in the section nearest to the strap of the golf bag. If you have a cart bag with separate slots for each golf club (most have 14), place the drive in the upper left-hand corner and proceed by adding your woods to the right. Essentially, your longest golf clubs should be in the back of your golf bag, closest to the shoulder strap.

5. Add in the irons

 If you have a cart bag, continue to arrange golf clubs in descending order. If not, place your irons in the middle section of your bag.

6. The shorter clubs

You should have your putters and wedges left waiting to be added back. If you have a cart bag, continue to arrange golf clubs in descending order. Otherwise, add the putter and wedges into the bottom slot in your bag. The putter should be the last club you put in your golf bag.

7. Add the accessories

After you’ve arranged your clubs and gone through what you’re keeping and what can be tossed or donated, start adding accessories back in or on your golf bag. Be sure to think through what you use most on the golf course. For example, if you use a towel or range finder on every golf shot, consider clipping these on the exterior of your bag or placing them in an easily accessible pocket.

Now that you’ve learned how to arrange your golf clubs in your bag, it’s time to start playing! Enjoy hassle-free travel when you ship your golf clubs directly to the first tee rather than checking them at the airport. Get a free quote or start shipping today.