8 Fantastic Golf Resorts in Portugal to Visit on Your Next Trip to Europe

8 Fantastic Golf Resorts in Portugal

Winter’s on the way, and you should be too. As the temperature continues to drop, likely golfers around the world will be making their way to guaranteed “hot” spots to enjoy the pleasant contrasting weather. Instead of competing for space in Hawaii or Australia, why not consider Portugal for your next winter getaway?

Currently home to more than 40 golf courses, Portugal is one of Europe’s most popular golfing destinations. Even better: its mild climate and agreeable weather is available year-round! Travel through a champion course or simply saunter along the Lisbon coast for a personal golf experience. Portugal’s affable climate is the perfect setting for a memorable round while keeping the winter blues away.

Learn new skills, strengthen your swing, or entertain loved ones in some of the best golf courses in Lisbon, Portugal:


Monte Rei Golf & Country Club – Sitio do Pocinho, Portugal

Monte Rei Golf & Country Club

Get away to this secluded course designed by American golf legend Jack Nicklaus. The Monte Rei Golf & Country Club boasts an incredible location close to coast and a collection of a resorts and amenities. Luxurious on-site villas and top-tier clubhouse facilities round out a rugged landscape set with a smattering of cork oak and olive trees.

The winding 18-hole par-72 course adds a special thrill with unique water hazards and strategically designed bunkers. Even experts will be tested by the region’s sloping hills and sand dunes, and the beautiful scenery and familial hospitality is undoubtedly enjoyed by all. Four more luxury courses are expected to follow in the ongoing decade, so don’t be surprised when you spot some new green on your next excursion.


Oitavos Dunes – Quinta de Marinha, Portugal

Oitavos Dunes

Gaze into the Atlantic Ocean over the Lisbon Coast – or, as Oitavos Dunes calls it, “the 8th hole.” Oitavos Dunes‘ impressive views and stunning natural landscape makes it one of the premier golf courses in Portugal and the world. The course’s layout sits neatly against the gorgeous backdrop of the Sintra Mountains where the elements can make or break or your next shot.

Though the course’s often fast-paced greens provide a real challenge, the crown jewel of Oitavos Dunes is, of course, its sand dunes. Acres of umbrella pines border each dune and provide cover as you make your way through the intense 5th, 7th, and 8th holes. When you’re done braving the elements, relax in a top-notch clubhouse facility with exceptional customer service.


Penha Longa – Estrada da Lagoa Azul Sintra-Linhó, Portugal

Penha Longa

One sunny day in Penha Longa and you’ll feel like you’re in a movie. Its gorgeous swathes of green and bright, flamingo pink of its Victorian-style facilities paints a picturesque backdrop against one of Europe’s highest-ranking layouts. The 18-hole par 72 Atlantico course is protected by a natural reserve near the Atlantic Ocean, and features a championship layout.

The unique elevation of the region makes the course tricky to understand and conquer. Fast-moving greens and varying slopes can quickly veer your ball off course. Even the steadiest trained hand might find some difficulty directing their few strokes, but the spectacular surroundings will more than make up for it. Enjoy the thrill of conquering one of Europe’s most treasured courses while overlooking the beauty of the world’s ocean.


Troia Golf – Grândola, Portugal

Troia Golf

Located along the south of the Lisbon coast, Troia is settled nicely onto its own peninsula against the borders of the Atlantic Ocean, the Serra da Arrabida, and the Sado Estuary. The result is a legendary experience honed even further by the extraordinary clashing of the elements: earth, wind, and sea. This is no ordinary course, and you’ll find it difficult to play an ordinary game here. Visitors in search of the real rush of escapist golf will feel right at home in the rugged landscape of Troia.

Sloping greens, manicured sea holes, and bold bunkering are intertwined in this 368 meter course. Once home to the Portuguese Open in 1983, Troia now delights champions and average players alike with its daring tests of skill.


San Lorenzo Golf Course – Quinta do Lago, Algarve, Portugal

San Lorenzo Golf Course

Designed by American golf architect Joseph Lee, the San Lorenzo Golf Course is a sight to behold. Its exclusive location on the Quinta do Lago estate is only bolstered by beautifully manicured Bermuda grass, the tranquil scene of the Ria Formosa estuary, or vibrant beaches.

At the moment, the course is only available to members or visitors of the Dona Filipa Hotel.


Royal Obidos Spa & Golf Resort – Óbidos, Portugal

Royal Obidos Spa & Golf Resort

Though new, the Royal Obidos has already built a name for itself or its excellent clubhouse facilities, generous customer service, and elegant course design. Its coveted location lies in direct view of the Atlantic Ocean, offering visitors a stunning view for almost half the round. Bordering the course is the Obidos Lagoon, which gives visitors an incredible view regardless of where they are on the property.

As yet another 18-hole championship golf course, Obidos stretches an impressive 6,400 meters to house a boutique hotel, renowned restaurants, and a luxurious real estate complex full of villas and apartments. Paradise is merely a few feet away for its inhabitants who can tear themselves away from the beach long enough to play a round or two. Once the game is complete, visitors naturally gravitate to the terrace to enjoy the gorgeous sights.

The golf course takes advantage of the earth’s natural undulation with manicured sand dunes and sprawling fairways of verdant trees and gentle greens. Players are free to test their skills or work on the handicap in this low-pressure golfing environment. Spectacular in its own right, the golf course is still just one element of a truly delightful resort experience in Portugal.

It’s safe to say that Royal Obidos will only continue to innovate its approach to luxury golf hospitality. The course may be the resort’s crown jewel for now, but Obidos has since set its sights on new endeavors. With a new hotel on the way and a brand-new clubhouse recently constructed, Obidos continues to demonstrate its dedication to providing luxurious golfing experiences.


Palheiro Golf – Funchal, Madeira, Portugal

Palheiro Golf

Located deep in the Palheiro Estate, Palheiro Golf is known for its tropical views, magnificent mountains, and gorgeous seascapes. If you can tear yourself away from the lovely backdrop of the region, you’ll find the actual course to be a gentle, enjoyable alternative most golf resorts in Portugal. Designed by Cabell B. Robinson, Palheiro’s 18-hole part 72 golf course combines winding fairways and lush, speedy greens with concealed bunkers for a slight challenge. It takes less than one round to understand how such a beautiful landscape was able to host championship tournaments.

Every inch of the course boasts its own dazzling view, so go on – chase after that stray ball if you want. Approach the 11th hole for a peek at the Deserta Islands or slide up right against the coast at the 18th. Retire for the day at the tasteful clubhouse or, as the locals call it, the “19th hole.”


Praia D’El Rey Golf and Beach Resort – Vale de Janelas, Óbidos, Portugal

Praia D'El Rey Golf and Beach Resort

Golf in Portugal might not get any better than the upscale Praia D’El Rey Golf and Beach Resort. You’re in for an unforgettable experience once you make it past their walls. Featured prominently is, of course, Praia D’El Rey’s stunning golf course, which complements the senses and a player’s skills.

An authentic pine forest and undulating sand dunes complete the traditional expectations of a links course, only to be enhanced by the robust gusts of the Atlantic Ocean. Improve your hand under strong winds and forceful elements or against the skillfully designed bunkers. Be careful not to rush your game here – you’ll need all the time and concentration you need once you make it to that 8th hole!


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