If you’ve chosen to ship your golf clubs to your next destination of play, you’ve already begun an amazing trip! Now, you just have to properly pack them up for safe shipping. Because, while Ship Sticks’ services are super reliable, a little bit of jostling during transit is unavoidable. So, consider prepping with these items next time you schedule a shipment:

Shoe Bag

If it isn’t obvious, a golf bag is a necessity, but what about for your shoes? Your shoe spikes should be kept in prime condition to secure your feet when swinging. So, if you’re about to head out on your next golfing adventure, it may be time to invest in a nice golf shoe bag that can ship alongside the rest of your equipment!

Club Protectors

Where your clubhead meets the shaft is the most gentle part of the club. This means you should pay extra attention to this area when packing up your shipment. Club protectors slip right over your club head to ensure for additional padding.

should you ship your golf clubs to your destination

Tee Time & Cart Reservation

Before you head off on your next golf adventure and schedule your bag shipment, make sure you follow through. Book your tee time and reserve your cart so that everything is set by the time you show up to the clubhouse! It never hurts to arrive early for your tee time either, as you can always use a few practice hits to warm up your swing.

Shipping Insurance

Your clubs are a great investment. So, treat them as such by adding up to $3,500 worth of insurance on a single bag during a shipment. While we care for your equipment as though it’s our own, we like to maintain a “better safe than sorry” mindset!

Are you looking to ship your golf clubs?

Opting to ship your golf clubs with Ship Sticks can save you time and money! So, avoid exorbitant airline fees and use our reliable transportation services. Schedule your next shipment today!