Ship Golf Clubs | The Ultimate 2017 Gift Guide for Golfers

Golf requires a lot of accouterments. It’s why a golfer’s bag has so many pockets. So, chances are, the golfer in your life could benefit from a few things. Add to the collection with these great gifts for golfers of all levels:

Divot Tool

This is something that golfers never think about until they need it. Save them the struggle of having to bust out a tee to try and even out a divot. This is a small tool that they’ll be thankful for every time they need it.


Some of the best golf happens in places with tricky weather. High winds can whip up when you’re on an open course. So, protect them against the elements with a fashion-forward, waterproof windbreaker.

Scorecard Holder

They’ll show who the king or queen of the course is a sporty scorecard holder. This can help to keep their card intact, making it easier to find.

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Toiletry Bag

If your golfer hits the clubhouse for lunch and drinks after a round, they may want to freshen up. A toiletry bag is compact and allows them to keep everything in a designated area, making it easier for them to find a breath mint or cologne rather than digging around in their bag for it.

Chipping Net

If your favorite golfer doesn’t always have the time to hit the range, a chipping net can allow them to practice their short game in the comfort of his or her backyard.


Having an ill-fitting club can really make the difference when it comes to your golf game. Give the gift of a set of personalized clubs for the special golfer in your life. This isn’t just a single gift, but a well-worth investment in their future.

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