Tips for Buying the Right Driver

golf driverA driver is usually the single priciest club in your bag. And how you hit it typically sets the tone on 14 holes of any course.

Because drivers are usually about getting you distance, you want the model that helps you produce the fastest ball speed for your swing. That’s because ball speed translates directly to distance. However, you also want to keep the ball down the middle.

That said, many golfers don’t really know how to go about buying the best model for their game.

Here’s how: First off, consider how a driver looks while you’re standing over it. You have to be comfortable with its looks, shaping and color.

Then there’s the sound it makes at impact. If it’s too loud, too tinny, too muted, or whatever, then skip it. It has to be music to your ears. Most golfers associate more loudness with more distance – but that’s an inaccurate assumption to make: Just because its impact sound turns heads on the driving range does not mean the ball is actually traveling farther.

Beware of deception: If you test a driver indoors, it will sound vastly different than it will on the course. Ultimately, though, select a driver that feels and sounds right to you.

When you’re shopping around, first get fitted by a fitting professional who isn’t trying to push a specific brand on you. That clubfitter will likely have you swing the driver in front of a sophisticated launch monitor, which will provide you a better understanding of how the ball reacts to the club you’re considering.

Launch monitors help determine the best loft, lie angle, clubhead style, shaft flex, and maybe even the most appropriate ball for your swing. Write down your specs, and then start shopping and testing.

Narrow your choices to the three models that look best to you as you’re standing over them in the store aisles. Then try those in versions that bear your specs. Use the store’s hitting bay, for initial screening.

But then — whenever possible — use a full-length driving range or ask if the shop can lend you a demo model to check out on a golf course – all before you shell out your hard-earned money.

If you can, use the drivers side by side on as many holes as possible. That is, hit each one and compare the ball flight, where each ball landed on the fly, and how far each shot rolled.

Ideally, you want the one that hits the ball to your personal trajectory preference (high/low, draw/fade, etc.), the straightest and the longest. The model that achieves all that the most consistently is a keeper.

Note that many drivers these days are adjustable, meaning you can fine-tune the ball flight as you go by altering the clubhead’s face angle, loft and weighting. Many golfers love that flexibility.

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