How to Regrip Golf Clubs

regrip golf clubsWhen did you last regrip your golf clubs? Most of the golfers usually wait for their clubs to tear off and start falling off in pieces. This is not the way to treat a piece of equipment for a game that you love.

It is important to learn how to regrip golf clubs in order to get the grip of the club and make a fantastic swing. The steps followed when you decide to regrip are simple and anyone can manage to do it.

Gathering Materials and Tools

There are tools that are needed to complete the gripping process. Some of these tools and materials include utility knife, shaft clamp, an adhesive tape that is double sided, solvent for the grip tape and the new grips. The shaft clamp and the grip tape can be found from the sports houses while the others are found in the hardware.

Removal of Old Grip

In order to be able to remove the old grip, one should cut it open and pull it out from the shaft. The shaft clamp should be put on a shaft clamp and then placing the shaft in the vice. When the club is tightly secured on the club, the knife can then be used to open the grip. One should start from the end as they go beneath.

Removing the Tape of the Old Grip

The other step requires one to peel off the old tape. Where the tape is crusty and old, one should ensure that they use a steel knife to scrap it. Take caution not to damage the graphite shaft fibers.

Putting a New Tape on Shaft

The new grip tape should be cut shorter than the size of the new grip to be put. It should then be put round the shaft with about half an inch hanging at one end. Air bubbles should be avoided as much as possible when wrapping the tape around the shaft. Remove the backing and tuck in the hanging ends.

Sliding the New Grip

Sliding the new grip is a very essential step in this process. The tape should first be made slippery to easily slide the grip. The inside of the grip should also be applied the solvent of the tape to make it easily slide into the shaft.

The main am should be making the grip slide into the shaft. The type of the solvent depends with the purchased tape. Sliding the grip is always a major problem to the beginners and when one has problems they should ask for help. 

Cleaning Up

To regrip golf clubs it is obvious that you will have used solvents, adhesive, old rubber and even the general grime and dirt. One needs to clean both the club as well as clean the hands after the regrip.

As a good golfer, one should take care of their clubs by learning how to regrip golf clubs. Having a regrip is easy and cheap way to customize and improve your swing. The regrip gives the club a new face without having a price tag attached to it.

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