When Should I Replace My Golf Grips?

While you hear coaches and the pros talking about foot placement, shoulder position, and moving like a pendulum, your clubs – especially the grips – play a huge role in your swing. Think about it: This is the only place you touch the club. From material and style to texture and size, having a comfortable grip is key to keeping your club face following the ideal path. Here’s how to determine if you need to replace your grips before you ship golf clubs off to your next play destination:

How Do They Fit?

You should know if your grips are improperly fit almost immediately. Hit the driving range and test out your different grips in a variety of scenarios. How does your interlocking grip feel during a drive? What about while chipping? If you’re unable to treat your clubs as though you’re handling a delicate bird, chances are you need to get your grips fit to your hands.

Do They Look Worn?

Wear and tear is just a part of the game. As friction happens between your hands, gloves, and grip, they will naturally wear down. However, to keep your game at its best, you should address this issue as soon as possible. Cracks and faded or bare spots are the most common signs of wear.

Should I replace my grips before I ship golf clubs

Are They Slippery?

Golf isn’t an easy game. So, wanting to throw your clubs every once in a while may be a familiar feeling. However, you don’t want your clubs slipping from your grip at the worst time possible. Your hands produce oils that can cause the breakdown of materials. So, check your grips before every season to make sure they are up to par.

Are You in Need of a Convenient and Reliable Way to Ship Golf Clubs?

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