Golf is definitely a fun and extremely relaxing game to take part in, but then you need to know how to play. If you cannot play properly, it could easily turn into the most frustrating sport there is.

Many beginner golfers buy a brand new set of clubs and head off to the nearest golf course almost immediately. This is not the correct approach and if you follow the following tips for beginner golfers, you certainly are going to enjoy the game much more.

Short Game Comes First

Many golfers concentrate on hitting their woods and long irons first, but the short game are way more important. If you can master the putter and wedges in your bag first, you will play much better golf overall.

Often, when you start out practicing your long game only, it happens that you hit the long irons well and you reach the green quite easily, but then you end up three-putting on the green. This can mess up any golfer’s score and can be highly frustrating too.

If you concentrate on your putting and chipping game a lot more at first, you will find that golf becomes much more enjoyable, especially when you are still a beginner. It will help you to go out on the golf course with confidence a lot quicker too.

Make Use of a Driving Range

Many beginner golfers are under the impression that golf is an easy game, but that is far from correct, especially if you start off wrong. If you start learning how to play golf at your local driving range, you will find that it is going to be much easier to play on a golf course.

Make regular use of the driving range for about six months and use the expertise of the golf coach at the driving range. He or she can teach you all the basics needed to play golf on a course.

Practice and Play Golf Often

You cannot improve in any sport without having regular practice sessions or playing the sport often. Golf is no different. The more you get out practicing, the better you will get.

Practice at least an hour or two each week, or if possible, play at least one round of golf per week. It is important as a beginner to keep on building on the progress you made, and the only way to do this is to practice and/or play regularly.

Get a Golf Book or Magazine

Golf lessons from a professional are usually pricey and a great alternative is to get hold of a quality golf book or to subscribe to a reputable golf magazine. You can find great golf books and magazines that offer various golfing tips that will help you a great deal with the basics of your golf game.

Join a Playing Partner

A great way to learn the game is to start playing with someone who has been playing golf for a while. Playing on your own makes it more difficult to figure out certain things concerning the game.

If you play with a more experienced golfer, he or she should know various tips for beginner golfers, such as how to accurately read your putts, how to effectively play out of a bunker or how to correct small problems with your swing and stance.

Make sure to follow these simple tips for beginner golfers and your golfing experience will start off on the right track. Soon you will experience how much fun you too can have on a golf course.

Golf Practice

On The Practice Range - November 5

On The Practice Range - November 5

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