All golfers want to know how to putt better. Even if you are a beginner, you should know that golf is often won and lost on the greens. Look closely at the good and the bad putters around you and the following should stand out:

•A good putter has a definite concept for his or her putting stroke and sticks with it
•A bad putter will change his or her putter and/or technique often
•A good putter concentrates on feel and distance more
•A bad putter concentrates on his or her line and stroke
•A good putter has plenty of confidence
•A bad putter lack confidence, even if he or she makes a few putts

To become a great putter, you need to be highly skilled in the following areas:

Improvement of your putting technique

Putting practice

Learning how to putt better is not always easy. Your goal should be to find the simplest method, which will allow you to constantly swing the putter along the same arc and make contact with the ball in the exact same place of the putter’s face each time.

•Create a constant arc for your putting stroke by only rotating the shoulders around the neck.
•Always relax both your arms and hands during the putting stroke. Keep them quiet too, to ensure consistency.
•Your neck, head and lower body should be motionless all through the stroke.

Try holding the putter in the palms of your hands, so that the putter’s shaft and your forearms are on the same line, which will allow them to work together as a unit. Keep your shoulders parallel to the line of the target and the back of your neck almost horizontal. This allows the shoulders to move up and down more and the putter to swing along a straight line. Never try using your arms and hands to manipulate the putter in any way.

Develop great touch

To learn how to putt better, you need to go through various feel drills and concentrate on distance control when you play. The feel of a putt comes from the sub-conscious mind. Here are some essential drills:

•Take about three to six golf balls and hit them various distances.
•Rehearse each stroke several times first, so that you can feel the power that is needed for the stroke. Place three of the balls on an identical line from the hole at about 30, 25 and 20 feet. Rehearse the stroke and take your time to try and make each putt. Repeat this process several times, but from many different putting distances and angles, and practice uphill, level and downhill putts too.

Develop a putting routine that is consistent

Putting Golf Ball

•Start by gathering information about the upcoming putting stroke. Before it is your turn, walk around and walk near to the line between your ball and the hole to get a feel for the slope.
•Choose your line, but always commit to it when stroking the ball.
•Several rehearsal strokes are necessary with definite goals: Try to feel the power needed for the ideal speed and visualize your ball disappearing into the middle of the hole as well.
•Before stroking the ball, set up correctly to the ball. Track the target line with your eyes by rotating only your neck. Make the best possible stroke and ensure it is done smoothly.

Keep everything absolutely still throughout the stroke and only look up after you made contact with the ball. Hold this position while the ball is still in motion.

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