Golf’s First Airline Mishandled Claim of 2019

The First Airline Mishap of 2019: J.B. Holmes

Amateur and professional golfers can all feel the pain when an airline mishandles their clubs and luggage. PGA Tour player J.B. Holmes has recently felt the agony of mishandled bags from Delta. On January 8th, J.B. tweeted his experience flying with delta below.


J.B. Holmes Missing Bags

J.B.’s experience with Delta is less than ideal. His clubs and wife’s luggage did not arrive at all. He attempted to file a claim with the baggage department, but it was also a hassle. Delta explained that his belongings would take 2 days to arrive. This recent experience with Delta was a nightmare for J.B. and his wife.

J.B. Holmes Bahamas


J.B. tried to make the most of his short trip to the Bahamas. So what does he do when he’s clubless in another country? He swims with pigs on Pig Island! While this scenario is unfortunate, J.B. tried to make the most of his vacation to the Bahamas.

J.B. Holmes Missing Bags



J.B. Holmes Delta Tweet

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