For Better Results, Use the Right Clubs

choosing golf clubs

If you have any interest in being the best possible golfer you can be then you should care about what kind of clubs you are using.

There’s a reason club makers produce hundreds of different shafts and club heads and it’s not to make money (at least that’s not the only reason). Everyone’s swing is different. From club head speed and arm length, to your setup and posture, any number of things can affect the way you strike the ball.

The remainder of this article will give you a few tips so the next time you buy a set of clubs, you can be sure they’ll help you achieve the best possible results.

The Shaft

The shaft of the club you’re using arguably has the biggest effect on how you hit the ball. Regardless of how technically sound your swing is, having the wrong type of shaft will lead to inconsistency on your iron shots and sporadic play off the tee.

The slower your swing speed, the more flexible of a shaft you will need. If you hit the ball 230 yards off the tee, you’ll probably want your irons to have regular flex (R) shafts. If you hit it farther, you may want to consider upgrading to stiff (S). Next time you’re at the course, talk to the local pro about checking your specifications; he’ll know what you need.

The Club Head

The type of head you have on your club also plays an important role in how you hit the ball. If you’re relatively new to the game, you should familiarize yourself with terms like cavity back, muscle back and blade. Cavity back clubs are more appropriate for beginners.

They generally are larger than other heads and there’s a lot of room for forgiveness on mishits. When you get better you can switch to muscle back clubs and if you get really really good, you can think about going out and getting yourself a set of blades.


Every golfer, regardless of skill, should have at least one hybrid in their bag. There are only a handful of golfers on the planet that can consistently hit a 2-ron and it was precisely for this reason that the hybrid was developed.

A cross between a wood and an iron, a hybrid is easier to hit, provides room for forgiveness and can really come in handy when your ball is deep in the rough. If you don’t have one in your bag, you’re at a disadvantage before you even set foot on the tee.


Putters are different than any other club in the bag in that the only thing that matters is how comfortable it makes you feel over the ball. If you set up to your putt and you can’t feel like you’re going to make it, you rarely will.

Whether it’s center-shafted, offset or anchored, when you buy a putter, make sure it’s something you’re in love with because you may end up using it for the rest of your life.

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