Effective Golf Putting Tips

Golf just like other sports requires you to possess good mastery over the game so as to ensure that you are able to exhibit a fairly competitive game. This is usually very important in that it helps you in being able to enjoy the game while at the same time ensuring that you are able to exhibit a competitive game.

Usually while playing golf, you require being very attentive and careful about each and every move you make. Right from swinging in order to hit the ball to focusing on the target and finally to putting, you require to be actively involved.

While swinging your boy in order to ensure that you hit your target   directly, you should ensure that you take a complete swing. There is a variety of golf putting tips that are meant to enable you make accurate puts.

These tips are such as:

The right putting grip

In order to be able to make the right putting grip, you need to imagine that the rear part of your left hand directly corresponds with the putter face. You should also ensure that the putter face corresponds squarely to the target line.

It is important for golf players to know that not always that the target line is the hole, at times there is usually an allowance for players to break the putt’s line.

Both thumbs of your hands should directly point the shaft centrally. The main basis of the right putting is ensuring that both hands work together and there is none that works independently.


You must always feel comfortable and free to move your body every time you are about to make a shot. Always ensure that you are relaxed and composed so as to help in ensuring that you have the necessary required confidence in order to be able to hit the target line.

Maintaining the right posture is also quite important in that it helps you to have a complete swing around your waist. You are therefore in a position to be able to focus your energy towards hitting the target. The freedom of moving your body is very important in both putting and in making a full swing.

Ball position

Place the ball at a strategic place just right forward of the center. The ball should be placed at a convenient distance from the body. Placing the ball too far away from the body is most likely to cause a misalignment on your shoulders.

Placing the ball too close to the body is also risky in that it brings about a tendency to hit directly on the putt and as a result the ball jumps into the air. In such a situation, there is a very high likelihood that you can easily miss the target line.

Retain the triangle

You only need to focus your body and thoughts towards making the right putt and surely you will be able to hit the target. You should always avoid being tense or even anxious as there is a very high likelihood that you will not be in a position to hit the ball correctly.

Always ensure that you are able to expound on other effective golf putting tips in order to be able to make the right putt.

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