Choosing the Right Golf Ball

Golf Ball Materials

When it comes to golf balls, more expensive doesn’t always mean better performance. In fact, you may actually see better results if you do a little research and start playing a ball that doesn’t cost quite so much money.

There are basically two groups of players that are putting themselves at a huge disadvantage by not choosing the right golf ball.

The first group of players are the guys that walk into the proshop and buy a dozen balls for $48 strictly because they know that they’re the balls the pros use. And in their eyes, if the pros use them, they have to be the best.

The second group of players are the guys that never buy balls and just play whatever they happen to grab when they reach into their bag. They don’t think they’re good enough to tell the difference between the $4 ball and the $1 ball and most of their supply generally comes from the woods or the bottom of a pond.

Both groups are completely wrong.

There are literally thousands of different kinds of golf balls, all made with different specifications and all meant for different types of players. The key is identifying what type of player you are and finding a ball that suits your game. The quick guide below can help you get going in the right direction.

The Beginner – If you just started playing or you struggle to break 100, stop buying $4 balls because they aren’t helping. Chances are you don’t hit the ball very far and if you do, you struggle keeping it in the fairway.

Most expensive balls are designed for increased control which means that they are meant to spin more and if you already hit a slice, your ball is spinning enough. Ask your local pro for a two-piece ball that’s a little bit harder. In addition to gaining some distance, your ball will spin less and fly straighter.

The Mid-Level Player  – If you’ve never broken 80 but you can get under 90 will relative ease, you probably fall in this group of player. Chances are that you don’t necessarily need an extra 10 yards of distance off the tee so you should find a ball that is a bit softer.

A $4 dollar ball may be going a little overboard but experimenting with some balls that will give you added feel around the greens may help. Once again, it may be beneficial to consult your local pro and tell him what you’re looking for.

The Advanced Player – If you’re an advanced player you probably already know how important playing the correct ball is to improving your game and you don’t need any advice. A little experimentation with other types of balls never hurt anyone though.

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