Improve your pre-round warm-ups

How you prepare for your round of golf can have a considerable impact on how you play. While the perfect warm-up may not always result in your lowest round ever, it’s best to have a consistent warm-up to keep you confident before every round.

How to Improve Your Pre-Round Warm-Ups

1. Determine how much time you need

Some people need one hour, some people need ten minutes, and some people don’t like to warm up at all! No matter your style, it’s important to know which category you fall into and how much time you need for your pre-round warmup. If you normally feel rushed, plan for a longer warm-up time. Or, if you feel like you’re spending too much time warming up, cut it a few minutes short next time.

2. Find what order works best for you

Most people like to start with wedges and work their way up to driver when warming up. But, just because most people do this doesn’t mean it’ll work for you. So, play around with what order of clubs you warm up in and find an order that most comfortable to you.

3. Don’t hit every club

Rather than hitting every single club in your bag, consider picking one from each category or “family.” For example, rather than hitting your 8, 7, 6, 5, and 4 irons, consider hitting just one or two long irons instead.

4. Pay attention to the weather

Hitting long shots on the range is an ideal time to pay attention to the elements. Observe the wind direction, temperature, and other conditions that may affect your overall distance and ball flight.

5. Practice putting

While you may think your driver and irons need the most work during your pre-round warm-up, your putting deserves just as much attention. Rolling a few putts before your round will give you a good idea of how quickly the greens will be on the actual golf course.