Ship Your Golf Clubs Internationally

From The Island Courses Of The Bahamas To The Links In Scotland

Did you know that we are able to ship your sticks to over 220 countries worldwide? If you are planning an international golf getaway this summer let Ship Sticks pickup and deliver your sticks to wherever you are staying or playing. Shipping your golf clubs ahead of time will allow you to bypass the check-in line, skip the wait at the baggage claim and head directly to the first tee!

Estimated Cost for International Shipping to and from the United States

Destination Outbound Return
Scotland $229.99* $229.99*
Canada $169.99* $139.99*
Mexico $179.99* $129.99*
United Kingdom $229.99* $229.99*
Ireland $229.99* $229.99*
Australia $279.99* $279.99*
Bahamas $209.99* $219.99*

*All pricing represents a standard golf bag weighting 40lbs or less.

** Save 10% when shipping round trip.

How it works

step 1 - Schedule Your Shipment

Call now and speak with our International Shipping Specialist to get a quote or place your order. You will be asked for your pick up/drop off date (we can pick up from your home, office, or golf course. You may choose to drop your clubs off at a UPS, DHL, or FedEx Store as well). You will also need to select your arrival date, bag count, bag size, and insurance.

step 2 - Print Your Shipping Documents

Print your shipping label from the confirmation page. You may also print the shipping label from the confirmation email.

step 3 - Prepare Your Clubs

Yes, your clubs may be shipped in a soft or hard travel case. However, please make certain that the contents of the shipment are securely packed and that adequate padding surrounds all fragile pieces and/or elements, eliminating the possibility of damage while in transit to your final destination. The use of a club/fly tag is highly recommended for all shipments that are not being shipped in a box.

step 4 - Carrier Pick Up / Store Drop Off

Your assigned logistics provider (UPS, DHL or FedEx) will pick up your shipment from the origination address that you have provided. While a pick up time is unable to be specified, please ensure that your shipment is readily available for the designated carrier on the day of your shipment. If you have selected to drop your shipment off at the carrier’s store, please ensure that the shipment is dropped off prior to the daily drop off deadline.

step 5 - Your Clubs Have Arrived

It’s that easy! Your clubs have arrived at the final destination and are awaiting your arrival. Upon delivery, a confirmation email will be sent to your attention with the time and location of delivery. If a return shipment has been processed please ensure that the return label is securely attached to the shipment and that the shipment is readily available for the logistics provider to pick up on the scheduled date of return.
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